RE ORC Glitches Going Wild

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User Info: TheRageWarrior

5 years ago#1
Is it just me or are all of RE ORC Glitches Being used a bit more than average -_o? I Mean yh i use glitches but before i learned them i barely saw them its like a Glitch outbreak now XD Everybody's know's them Well the decent players Do But there a Players who cant win without them 2 Which is kinda sad

Ps If i've team Killed you on ORC I Did it purely For the Lol's ^^
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User Info: CT_Hardcase

5 years ago#2
Never seen people Glitching on purpose,nor have I Glitched.
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User Info: bernhardt123

5 years ago#3
I see them quite often, and I've tried them out before, and I think it's stupid. I assume you are talking about getting different abilities for classes? Like Super Soldier with Recon. :/ I wish they would patch it. People already lag around and quickdraw with sniper rifles. It's just ridiculous.
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User Info: HADOKEN32

4 years ago#4
Yes there multiple glitchers online mostly the japanese portugese and spanish what a bunch of losers

User Info: dark_mannequin

4 years ago#5
The only glitch I had was my character was invisible except for the weapon.
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User Info: Trent_Reston

4 years ago#6
I seen people with level 99 and there is an Umbrella logo next to their name. I was wondering how the heck people did that.
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User Info: lobofeng

4 years ago#7
i been playing online and i keep joining games where the opposing team has a bunch of glitches like being invincible and others where carlos in heroes mode has super soldier and stuff... in the world do they do that it annoys me that i cant be able to win fairly... if anyone can tell how to do it please or let me know of a website it would be greatly appreciated
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