Will there be a Find Mii 3?

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  3. Will there be a Find Mii 3?

User Info: Poweranimals

5 years ago#1
I think there should be.

User Info: VamJirachi

5 years ago#2
Hope not. FM2 is annoying enough.

Then again, there aren't any Pokemon hats yet. Meanwhile, 17 Mario related hats, three of which are recolors. What the crap?

If one is to exist, then we better just be able to access it, or just beat FM2 once. Having to get all the hats in FM2 to get FM3 would be more terrible and obnoxious than the monsters in the game.

User Info: Poweranimals

5 years ago#3
Well you're no fun.
Depends on how they restrict access to it. But I'd like a Find Mii 3 as well.
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User Info: DNukem170

5 years ago#5
I think there will be, but probably not until winter 2012 at the earliest.

And yea, I would like to see some Pokemon hats, but Pokemon doesn't even have a puzzle and for some reason it tends to get excluded from Nintendo crossover stuff (sans Smash Bros.).

User Info: Kuebel33

5 years ago#6
Find Mii 2 seems to take forever.. you have to do the main quest 3 times, then the secret quest like 10 times or some crap.
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  3. Will there be a Find Mii 3?

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