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User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#1
With the update we got a new 3D picture of Star Fox. I have all the pieces for it except the four center ones. Can anyone tell me how I obtain those? Thank you.
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User Info: ShengRyong

5 years ago#2
You either need to StreetPass people who have those pieces or get them through SpotPass (supposedly. I have yet to see that work).
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User Info: egrubiak

5 years ago#3
Every new puzzle has the center pieces shaded in a Pinkish-Purple color. These are special. You can not buy them with play coins. So if you are 20/24 with the Starfox Puzzle... its done for now.

To get them you need to "Street Pass" with a location, not a person. This is called a "Spot Pass" McDonalds, Star Bucks, Bust Buy and a fre random locations have them.

When you downloaded the patch you got that new icon... this can tell you where a Spot Pass location is. Just search by Zip Code and it will give the locations nearest you. You do not need to connect to them while there. You can waltz into a McDonalds, enjoy a Big Mac and walk out, never knowing there was a Spot Pass there and you may have a new piece. You Mii Plaza will be lit up in a Blue Dot, rather then a Green one.

Here is the kick in the butt...

I have been to all the spot pass locations by my house and never got a Pink piece yet. I have the Piolet Wings and Ocarina of Time puzzles (got lucky to get a piece of a 2nd one on a street pass) and have not gotten a pink piece yet.

In fact... to my knowledge NO ONE has gotten ANY Pink pieces that way yet. Not from my friends, not from this forum, nor from ANY forum I have read from.

A few lucky stiffs have gotten a pink one as their "first" piece, but besides that... not a single person I know of has gotten a pink puzzle piece from a Spot Pass. Nintendo states that IS how to get them... but at this point I am calling "shenanigans" until I hear of someone who got one.


User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#4
Wow thank you for the detailed information. I honestly couldn't find that out anywhere. Good luck to you and to us all!

User Info: Kayube

5 years ago#5
That's not what SpotPass is. SpotPass is just the random downloads of stuff off WiFi. Basically it's the 3DS equivalent of the Wii's "Wii Connect 24" feature. It's what gives you all those notifications on the home menu that give you the blue light on the 3DS.

What you're talking about is Nintendo Zone, which is something different entirely and has nothing to do with the puzzle pieces. If SpotPass does give out the puzzle pieces, they'll be given out automatically if you're at any WiFi hotspot at all, and it just hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, other than the possibility of Nintendo handing out pieces eventually, the only way to get them is from someone who got one of them as their free piece when the update came out (or from someone who got it from them, etc.)
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