Can a Streetpass tag be made if the other 3DS isn't in Sleep Mode?

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  3. Can a Streetpass tag be made if the other 3DS isn't in Sleep Mode?

User Info: AgentCH

5 years ago#1
I bring my 3DS with me wherever I go in hopes of getting tags. I've seen a few other people with 3DSs, but they're always playing them, and my 3DS won't tag them. However, I'm certain I've tagged my brother's 3DS at least once while he was playing a game.

So do both 3DSs have to be in Sleep Mode for a tag to work, or can one be active?
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User Info: playtoomuch

5 years ago#2
3DS can streetpass others while playing as long they have streetpass active on their games
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User Info: Baker1000

5 years ago#3
I actually got a StreetPass today whilst I was playing a game. It wasn't even a game which used SP. Although I have passed people playing and didn't get them on mine when it was in sleep mode. Maybe they didn't have it turned on.
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User Info: TheUncleBob

5 years ago#4
If it's a 3DS game, then it'll work while they're playing the game.

If it's a DS, DSi or DSiWare title, then it won't work.

User Info: egrubiak

5 years ago#5
A ton of people turn off their Wifi to save battery life.

On behalf of the 3DS community... please stop doing this! =-P

User Info: King_Yoshius_IV

5 years ago#6
IDK, one time when I was playing Alleyway Virtual Console quite a while ago when 3DS eShop just came out, I tagged someone whilst I was playing the game. So I suppose it happens.

However, I think the way to get Streetpasses with the highest probability is to get your 3DS back into the Home menu, then press the power button once (don't hold it). The home menu will disappear, and then the screens will display a grey background with text on the top screen and a "power off" touchable icon on the bottom screen. Do not touch this icon, and close the 3DS. I feel that this is the best way of getting streetpasses because the least amount of random access memory (RAM) is being put into other things, so the 3DS can use most of its memory for StreetPass and SpotPass functionality. :P
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  3. Can a Streetpass tag be made if the other 3DS isn't in Sleep Mode?

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