Special Mii?

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User Info: TheCruxisAngel

6 years ago#1
I've looked around both on here and other websites, and haven't really been able to find the answer to what I'm looking for. Has anyone been able to figure out what is considered a "special mii?"

User Info: ShengRyong

6 years ago#2
I've been wondering about that too. Will there be any special events at stores like EB Games, Best Buy or Future Shop where we can StreetPass them? I hope Nintendo has something planned considering the 2 accomplishments they have for special Miis.
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User Info: yab

6 years ago#3
Special Miis are the ones with gold pants

I remember at E3 there were ones being given out of Miyamoto, Reggie, and Iwata.

I wonder if adding in a gold pants Mii (through the Wii) and then using that in StreetPass would count for the people receiving one.

User Info: ShengRyong

6 years ago#4
Well, you can get Miis using the QR code scanner in the 3DS's Mii Maker. I found QR codes for some Resident Evil characters on a website (I scanned the one for Jill and sure enough, she has gold pants). Though I don't know if that would help to getting the Special Mii accomplishment. None of my friends who live close by have a 3DS so I can't experiment with it. If anyone else can let me know if it works!
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User Info: Floriban

6 years ago#5
I t will not work, because the Mii you are using as your character in this game is the one send when you streetpass with people, and it must have been created by the player. You cannot use the ones you have downloaded with codes.

User Info: egrubiak

6 years ago#6
A special Mii is a game creator, or CEO or someone "special" that carries their 3DS.

Like was said, Reggie Fils-Amae (or however it's spelled) at E3 2011. I am sure more will be created. If there is an acomplishment to get 10 special Miis, then there will be more introduced later. Maybe one day store employees schooled in Nintendo sales. Or (and I am not this lucky but...) they will make people with the Ambasador Program "special".
The two people who do Nintendo Week also have Special Miis. *has a friend who tagged one* Didn't have my 3DS at the time though.
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User Info: marcel1mac

6 years ago#8
All the gold pant are there; http://gbatemp.net/topic/309733-gold-bottomed-miis-for-everyone/... don't forget! you can download it once only, you erase it, you can't get it anymore... after you scan it, go to Mii maker... go on one of them (one at the time) press (Y) button, and ship it to mii place, (they claen the mii maker) after they are all done ... go see them on place mii and ta-dam, they have gold paint (more yellow) and they have a strange flashing nickless. P.S.all depend if you are NTSC (none Currently, but 4 with the all around, it only the name is in japs) pal=6 and JNTSC = full.... find 10 gold streetpass, the only place is like the E3 and swear to find a lot of japaneese.

User Info: tehkella

6 years ago#9
Yes, you can transfer the QR code special miis to your StreetPass Plaza, but they just turn up as a visitor and you still can't use them as your character. I'm thinking that at the moment, there is no way for normal people to meet special miis.

User Info: _Odarp

5 years ago#10
If you take em to the plaza do they stay on the mii maker or do they disappear and you can only see them in the plaza?
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