Help finding my two last hats

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User Info: KingOfGames915

5 years ago#1
I need help finding the Famicom hat and one other hat (between the Hibiscus and Lacy Headband).
These are the last two hats I need. Does anyone know where to find them?

User Info: Dark Toshi

Dark Toshi
5 years ago#2
Famicom Hat is in room 31.
The other hat you need is Tiny Top Hat which can be found in room 12.

Since they are on different routes, you'll have to play Find Mii 2 Secret Quest two more times.
Tiny Top Hat: 1-2-5-6-12-13-19-28-29-32-33-34-35
Famicom hat: 1-2-7-14-15-22-23-30-31-32-33-34-35

List of Find Mii 2 Secret Quest hats by room number:
01. Warp Pipe Hat, Daisy's Crown
05. Panda Hat, Samurai Wig
07. ? Block Hat, Chomp Hat, Barbara the Bat Wig
08. Tomato Hat, Chef Hat
10. Ice Cream Hat, Straw Hat
12. Lacy Headband, Tiny Top Hat
17. Penguin Hat, Hibiscus
21. Blooper Hat, Hatchet Hat
22. Sunflower, Pink Yoshi Hat
25. Bear Hat, Light-Blue Yoshi Hat
27. Hot Dog Hat, Ramen Hat
29. Football Helmet, Swimming Cap
31. Nintendo 3DS Hat, NES Hat, Famicom Hat
34. Piranha Plant, Magic Hat, Devil Horns
35. Princess's Crown, Waluigi's Cap, Dark Emperor Helmet
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  3. Help finding my two last hats

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