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User Info: RufusMcMew

4 years ago#1
I'm missing 1-2 special pieces from some of the puzzles, and a few more from some of the later ones (Kid Icarus/Mario Tennis) Is there a good place to arrange a meetup? I live in The Cincinnati area of Ohio and only get the same 4-5 on a regular basis from Target. Looking to get a bigger group of tags at once, and to broaden the chances of finishing those puzzles once and for all.
Also, Finally got my last hat... Took forever.
GT: Rufus Zombot

User Info: JetPilot

4 years ago#2
I'm in Northern Kentucky, so please post here if you find (or create) a group. I was recently in NYC and managed to collect all but 3 pink pieces from the Kid Icarus puzzle (got them all at the Nintendo World Store). My kids have 3DS's as well and their school is almost done for the summer. It would be nice if there was a once a month meetup in our area.
PSN: JetPiIot (the "L" in pilot is actually a capital "i").

User Info: RufusMcMew

4 years ago#3
I'm in Middletown, I have a few people that would like to do a meetup, but I'd like to be able to find enough people to make it worth it.
GT: Rufus Zombot

User Info: JetPilot

4 years ago#4
I'm near Florence.
PSN: JetPiIot (the "L" in pilot is actually a capital "i").

User Info: kismetgirl88

4 years ago#5
I live in Cincinnati also. I'm trying to get all my at and would LOVE the help.I would be willing to meet up.

User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#6
I have a group that regularly meets on weekends, which nets me around 20+ tags per week. I've gotten most of the pink pieces i need except for a few.

I suggest you guys organize a meet up. shell out some dough, order some food. it's the easiest way to get over the fact that you're meeting with strangers. and it makes people wanna meet again.
pardon if my posts suck, i post by tapping on the handset button on a one-way analog handset. i saw Hannibal Lecter do it.

User Info: Shellshock

4 years ago#7
New York City resident here. I help run StreetPass NYC Events. We meet up all the time at Nintendo World on Fridays for weekly Kid Icarus Uprising tournaments, as well as various places in NYC for many occasions and events. I've gotten about 4600+ Tags, with over 2300+ Miis since the 3DS Launched, With all puzzles completed, and all Hats obtained.
My Streetpass ID StreetpassNYC Group

User Info: RufusMcMew

4 years ago#8
I'd be happy just to finish the puzzles. I'm not missing many pink pieces, just enough to have about 1-3 missing from some of the last ones, save for all the Mario Tennis pink pieces, I haven't seen any of those yet.
GT: Rufus Zombot

User Info: ladieraven

4 years ago#9
I am from Lexington, and come up to Cincinnati quite often. Maybe you should start a Streetpass Cincinnati group... I started one for Lexington, not that we have really done anything because everyone who is in the group, we already know each other and meet up weekly anyway... But I also go to Indy alot and I joined the Streetpass Indy group as well, but I have not been able to go to any of thier meetings... Do you have a facebook account? Why not create a Streetpass Cincinnati group... look at mine (very bland but, it's a start!)!/pages/StreetPass-Lexington/330252993702065 If you start the page, let me know, I will join and try to make some of your meetings. Maybe even bring some folks with me (I have three children who all also have a 3DS, so that makes four off top! Oh and my sister also has a 3DS) Also if you want help let me know. I will do what I can to help you!!!

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