Edible flowers?

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User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

4 years ago#1
What is considered as edible flowers? Is it the ones referred to in the journal as healing herbs?

User Info: Valen-stein

4 years ago#2
Healing and edible are two different things. The journal should state "Edible" in it. Seasonings are also edible i think.

There are only 10 edible plants. 6 normal plants and 4 rare plants (dont use rare).

User Info: Ultimate3DSFan

4 years ago#3
Is there a list?
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User Info: Valen-stein

4 years ago#4
Ultimate3DSFan posted...
Is there a list?

Yes. Run it through google trans and you'll see which flowers are "edible".
Families and plant names are in order but its in japanese. Count carefully.

Theres also a guide to getting gold medals on jobs here

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