Streetpass Relay extremely sparse

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User Info: roryjr

3 years ago#1
At first, I seemed to get a few of them and it was great because it was early. Over the past 2 weeks, I have gotten ONE relay streetpass . 9+ McDonald's multiple times, 4 Starbucks. I visited the McDonald's multiple times and nothing. A few of these places worked early on, but not now.
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User Info: Tenth_Enemy

3 years ago#2
I haven't gotten any relays for the past couple days. I get nothing from McDonalds, Best Buy, or Starbucks.
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User Info: roryjr

3 years ago#3
I forgot about Best Buy. I have been to 2 multiple times and have never gotten a rSP.
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User Info: cjtipotay318

3 years ago#4
When it was first implemented I would get a couple every day from different places but now I hardly get any. I also carry around at least two 3DS' with me and they would both get the relay (first one would get a random person and the second one would get the first one) but now I'm lucky if one gets a streetpass at all.

User Info: zergslayer69

3 years ago#5
When in doubt make your own! =p
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User Info: HugDaddy

3 years ago#6
I travelled with my 3DS once the relay became active, but I got tired of getting junk. Do you have the ability to mimic a Nintendo Zone?
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User Info: aya valentine

aya valentine
3 years ago#7
Yes. Yes you do. GBATemp has a thread on setting up a NintendoZone wifi hotspot in your house.
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User Info: lilpuddy31

3 years ago#8
Go and check the official Nintendo Zone locator. Apparently, a lot of the places are no longer Nintendo Zones, for whatever reason...
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User Info: Cort_Williams

3 years ago#9
Something has been wrong with the relays in my area for the past week. Before that they were working fine. But nothing has worked at the relay points this week.

User Info: zurcn

3 years ago#10
in my case I believe relay is not working at all in Portugal.

whenever I try to connect to nintendo zone (the actual app) I always get a xxx-8000 error. I believe this is due to the "web based login" that the hotspots employ for regular devices accessing the network.

as such I believe my 3ds is never successful in accessing the internet and at rSP attemtps

while I don't have 2 3DS to test this. one of my coworkers carries a 3DS to work. and there is a hotspot in the building (nintendo zone app button is glowing all the time), but I never get additional tags from it

it would be great if it actually worked.. PT nintendo zones are( or should be) everywhere since every wireless router from a particular operator is (or should be) a compatible hotspot...
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