Is Vanillaware a hard company to work with?

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User Info: archonjiggz

5 years ago#1
with Dragon's Crown getting canceled(but then picked back up) and now this game getting canned plus the shenanigans involving Muramasa on the wii , i was wondering if Vanillaware might be a problematic company to co-operate with. if it was just one US publisher/localizer i would tend to attribute it to the publisher. but now that two games got canceled in a very short time period i wonder if the fault might lie with the developer instead. i'm curious to see what other people think.

User Info: Davzz

5 years ago#2
They probably do what they do because of a lack of money, considering their modus operand is niche target/high budget.

Their current problems probably seem special to most people who play mainstream games, but not really uncommon to say, the Visual Novel industry.
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User Info: sexytemari

5 years ago#3
I didn't know VN games were that high budget. I thought most of them were in the lower spectrum in regards to budget.

User Info: DinsFire03

5 years ago#4
I don't think Vanillaware is hard to work with. It seems most of their problems tend to come from the fact that they jump around from publisher to publisher, which is something that only occurs because so many publishers turn them down; for example, Vanillaware originally went to Atlus and SEGA to publish Muramasa, but was turned down by both of them.

The whole mess with Dragon's Crown was most likely because of Ignition's financial problems, not Vanillaware. When it comes to GKH, it seemed to be a matter of differing priorities between Vanillaware and XSEED. Vanillaware themselves have always been a small group with a low budget, but that didn't stop them in the past from making Odin Sphere, Grimgrimoire, and Muramasa.

I think Vanillaware is just a bit ambitious with their projects as of late, even going as far as having two development teams with a working staff of under 30 people; combine this with the fact that they have a much harder time finding publishers than they should and you've got a pretty stressful work environment.

I'm hoping that Vanillaware can begin a good relationship with certain publishers like Atlus or MarvelousAQL so that they can get their games out more smoothly.

User Info: Semi45a

5 years ago#5
the problem is that they are very very small. Their staff is no more than 13 individuals. And if they feel they need more time put to improve the quality of their product they'll do that and those localizing it may choose the drop the project. That said GKH was long finished before Xseed said they were going to localize it.
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