Capcom doesn't care about PC gaming....

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  3. Capcom doesn't care about PC gaming....

User Info: Zanin

5 years ago#1
Late release for PC, most likely no DLC like RE5 for PC, and ported from console... sick and tired of this bs.

User Info: wumpscutnut

5 years ago#2

Just like nearly every other developer.

User Info: xenosaga123

5 years ago#3
at least they are bringing it to PC, so people can mod it to their heart's content. Just because it's a port doesn't make it less fun.

User Info: Grafix2k

5 years ago#4

Is rather annoying was hoping to get my hands on this ASAP as in need of a new game, but at least we are getting the game unlike alot of others that dont even come to PC. What I also hope is we get support, patches and DLC then I wont care about the 2 month wait.

User Info: Detha

5 years ago#5
At least you'll be satisfied in there being none of the constant frame-tearing seen in the console versions.
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User Info: KiwiGem

5 years ago#6
wumpscutnut posted...
Just like nearly every other developer.Not Really >_>, Capcom seems to be worst these days to give DLC and Add-Ons

User Info: OhFudge

5 years ago#7
I guess I will get it twice, one for 360 and one for PC like I always do.

User Info: mafiafun

5 years ago#8
Wait, you want developers to release DLC? What happened to them good ol' days where you paid once and got the full package? If I ever start a logistics company, I'mma deliver only part of a package and have the person pay for the rest if they want the whole thing..
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User Info: Foxhound3857

5 years ago#9
A direct port means it's probably coded/programmed badly. Likely means slowdown and memory leaks.
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User Info: Printul_Noptii

5 years ago#10

what do you guys talking about, capcom did a great job with all of their latest PC adaptations and at least they bring it to the PC not like MS who turned their backs on the PC community after Halo 2 Vista and Epic games after the first gears of war PC release.

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  3. Capcom doesn't care about PC gaming....

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