How do you get into the dukes's Manse?? SPOLIERS

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User Info: Blithersnipe

5 years ago#1
What quest or objective do I have to do to get into the Manse through the back door?

Or is there a way to get into the castle through the Front Door??
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User Info: stuptastic7

5 years ago#2
its all the way in the north. idk if you can get in without doing the 'duchess in distress' quest.
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User Info: meralonne

5 years ago#3
They won't let you in unless you're dressed in the Royal Guard armor. The only way to get it is to do the Aelinore quest line:

-- give her the silly hat after meeting the Duke
-- sneak in to her room, watch her get choked, save her, get whipped
-- talk to her lady in waiting later, who gives you the quest to rescue her from the Manse
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User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
5 years ago#4
You gotta tap dat duchess assssss. Then... Wait what were we talking about?


Oh, right: Then, lata on in da evenin'... wait, that's not right either.

Hmm... Ohhhh, yes, the duchess' little maid-lady will hail you, and by that I mean wait in the gardens, and tell you to save the duchess in distress. Which, I believe, is the name of the quest. She will give you the royal guard armor, so that you may pass through the front gate.


Or something like that.
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User Info: Vertigo6377

5 years ago#5
The quest is available right before you head out to fight the Dragon, Grigori. The Dutchess' chamber maid is standing outside the castle to the left of the stairs.
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User Info: holiday1021

5 years ago#6
That's one thing i don't like about this game. I've taken Chimeras, Drakes, Griffons, armies upon armies of Goblins and Bandits - yet I'll take punishment from Duke Has-Been.

I'm in my prime, I could and would love to take Gran Soran apart with my bear (rawr!) hands. Then watch the Duke's eyes go lifeless as I strangle the hell out of him for dealing with his crap. Hell, I'm saving the damned Kingdom. And I'm going to be whipped?

User Info: Unitice

5 years ago#7
You first get into the manse by during the Duchess in Distress quest. But does anyone know if you can get back in after the quest is done. I managed to get in the front with the Royal Guard armor but can't get past he gate/grill to go deeper. Skeleton key's don't even work. Is there a key hidden away in there or something?

User Info: SilentLoner

5 years ago#8
You can go back in through the back entrance.
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User Info: Unitice

5 years ago#9
SilentLoner posted...
You can go back in through the back entrance.

I've tried that...the big gate by the chimera. I try going in but keep getting the message that it can't be opened from there. I'm guessing you can't go back in on a NG+ run, which sucks.

User Info: R41NB0W-D45H

5 years ago#10
SilentLoner posted...
You can go back in through the back entrance.

That's what she said.
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