Will you be able to romance/marry your main pawn?

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User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#11
Darque posted...
You know, something just occurred to me.... Pawns lack free will right?

Wouldn't romancing a pawn more or less be the same as romancing an animated blow up doll? O_o

I'm pretty sure that if a suitable facsimile were widely available the human population would experience a drastic reduction in number in any area that could widely afford such a facsimile. I.e. if sex robots were accessible many would likely skip all the nonsense drama that goes with interpersonal relationships. XD
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

User Info: Dart_Feld7

5 years ago#12
They have free will they just feel that their calling is to serve humans and esp. strongly in regards to the Arisen because they believe that he can elevate them.

They're not much different than butlers/maids though I guess that extremely loyal mercenaries(oxymoron, I know) fits better.

With that stuffy philosophy out of the way...romance would be similar to that with a futuristic automated personal servant.

It's total coincidence what the initials of that spells.

User Info: Vx7

5 years ago#13
Marrying your Pawn seems like it could be fun because of the whole adventuring part.
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  3. Will you be able to romance/marry your main pawn?

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