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User Info: Dart_Feld7

5 years ago#41
Number_One_Jerk posted...
0cu_87 posted...
I don't have a gold membership-_-, mine ran out a while back, good thing I have a ps3 though...

1. Create new gamertag with gold
2. Download demo and switch to your normal gamertag
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!

I would try this, I just hope I have enough space on my Xbox

The demo is 1.5 gb - Dragon's Dogma

User Info: great_gaming

5 years ago#42
Max58201 posted...
vigorm0rtis posted...
Max58201 posted...
now i have to wait 2 and a half hours for my boyfriend to wake up so i can play it haha

Kick him over, tell him to go make you breakfast.

oh that would work out soooooo well

Why do you have to wait to he wakes up?
Gamertag - Cinematicss

User Info: iusefebreze

5 years ago#43
school needs to hurry itself up
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User Info: WarHead2011

5 years ago#44
Yeah i know I was trying to download the demo this morining before I left for work but my dumb internet was down and on top of that the office of the internet was close.but like a half hour later the internet at my work fine so i went online to to have it on que so when i get home i can have it downloaded. YEAHHHHH!!!
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User Info: meralonne

5 years ago#45
Number_One_Jerk posted...
I don't have a gold membership-_-, mine ran out a while back, good thing I have a ps3 though...

This. I'll just tinker around with the PS3 demo until XBL releases it to us Silver peasants. Though I thought I saw a $2 for 2 months Gold special just last night...
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: tisuko

5 years ago#46

From: PsychoTech-ARMS | #014
Is there anyone that doesn't have gold? I have a few free 2 day gold passes I think i have laying around.

2 day passes will not work for early access to demos. I tried about 2 weeks ago to download the Sniper demo, and wasn't available for me.
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