How to get DLC

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User Info: FredtheBum

5 years ago#1
Very stupid question but where do i go to activate the dlc that came with the game pre ordered I have the code on the receipt.

I checked playstation store but couldn't find anything.
Fred Fred Burger

User Info: Bigj089

5 years ago#2
Redeem Code option. Where ever that is on the PS3.
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User Info: otakon2006

5 years ago#3
You enter the code in the PSN Store, also wrong board for that. You want the PS3 board next time. Just go into the PSN Store, the "Code Redemption" option should be in the top right of the Main Menu.

User Info: iEnix

5 years ago#4
Its in the PSN store, at the top right. It should be the second option.

User Info: pj44055

5 years ago#5
First off, you're on the 360 board.

Second, on the XMB, go to account settings. Somewhere in there (I can't remember exactly) is the option to redeem codes. Simply input your code there and download it.

You could also go to the PS store and select redeem code from in there. It's a couple of options over from the view cart option.

EDIT: Wow... I totally got ninja'd, big time.
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User Info: FredtheBum

5 years ago#6
Whoops my bad guys I googled it and it brought me to the 360 sections board and I didn't notice....^^
Fred Fred Burger
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