beserk griffith armor

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User Info: vtyme

5 years ago#1
yo i heard there's griffith armor in this game? where do you get it or is it pre-order only? berserk is my fav anime lul.

User Info: Max58201

5 years ago#2
a guy by the quarry has a quest complete it and he sells it
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User Info: vtyme

5 years ago#3
thx, is the armor anygood? also where can i get a long sword? i upgrade to a warrior but couldn't find a longsword selling anywhere. and where's the quarry?

User Info: Eijin-FD3S

5 years ago#4
it's a quest called of merchants and monsters Here's a how to budddddd :] ------->(
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User Info: ReiderAsmadi

5 years ago#5
You should be able to buy a two-hander at the armorer in Gran Soren.

The quarry is directly west of Gran Soren. You'll walk across a bridge and when the path splits, head left.

If you're gonna do that quest, be prepared to fight some ogres.
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User Info: vtyme

5 years ago#6
i didn't even know there was an armoror in gran soren. i bought all my stuff from the wandering merchants in the inn.

looks like berserk stuff is going to be saved for NG+ since it seems hella expensive. s'all good.
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