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User Info: rush86

5 years ago#1
i just cant believe how incredible this game is. I havent been so addicted and enjoyed a game this much in a long time. This is truly one of the greatest games i ever played and im having so much fun with it. Its a shame its not getting more hype. And games like skyrim that isnt even good at all compared to this, all the game sites are still talkin about. This should be the new elder scrolls. Because this is definetly 10 times better then that game hands down. Great job capcom hope u sell enough to make lots of sequels

User Info: ChromeLocke

5 years ago#2
I still love Skyrim also, but I agree that this game is amazing and isn't getting the credit it deserves.

User Info: NuclearSunset

5 years ago#3
Skyrim is awesome, its just not as awesome as it should have been because Bethesda trimmed the character stats down WAY too much...but I agree this game was a huge and impressive surprise..I had just finished starting my own thread singing its praises right before I saw yours pop up....and from CAPCOM no less, the king of uber-ridiculous games seemingly designed by 11 yr old kids with ADHD hopped up on PCP......I guess some of those kids grew up, got medication, kicked the PCP and said hey lets make an RPG


5 years ago#4
Next to Dark Souls this is my favorite game this console generation. Love it so much.
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User Info: XGalt

5 years ago#5
The battle system is just so much fun and it makes you feel like a complete bad a** when you've got the right mix. Also, it really feels like a team you put together instead of just random characters from a story. I swear to god it's just so satisfying to see like five pawns in front of you and you judge which one is best for you, you pick one, and they turn out to be awesome. Plus it also scratches that itch where it feels like I'm being nice to someone else taking out their pawn.

I'm giving them skills and experience about the world. Giving them stuff when they go back, and giving them a grade. It does somethings just so damn well that it's easy to overlook all the weird/unpolished parts. I hope enough people buy this to warrant a Dragon's Dogma 2. With polish this kind of game would just be epic.
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

5 years ago#6
From: BENDMMAFAN | #004
Next to Dark Souls this is my favorite game this console generation. Love it so much.

This game absolutely smokes what Bethesda & Bioware have been putting out the past few years.
"gone are the days of creativity, and playing japanese games because you secretly wish you were japanese" -CinisterX

User Info: DiJinda87

5 years ago#7
Agree, agree, agree, agree sooo addictive... I can't think of an RPG with better combat. Sorry Dark Souls/KOAR....
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5 years ago#8
I hate to say it, but the fact that it isn't hyped or selling like hotcakes or what have you kind of shows developers like Bethesda and BW that new ideas don't sell as much as shoveling the same old crap on us.

Hopefully the game gets more attention. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: kentuckybob

5 years ago#9
Fact is people want open world go anywhere do anything games nowadays. Corridor A-B crap is old hat.
"You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?"

User Info: NuclearSunset

5 years ago#10
kentuckybob posted...
Fact is people want open world go anywhere do anything games nowadays. Corridor A-B crap is old hat.

well duh ;) corridor a-b was a necessity in older games cuz the technology just wasnt sophisticated enough to handle more...the fact that you could move a 2bit tank around a 2 color screen and shoot another 2bit tank was amazing enough - oh and you could do the ricochet game mode and bounce your bullets around! HOLY @#!&!

now games are capable of an open-world dynamic where u can go anywhere and do anything! HOLY @&%$! You'd better deliver it!

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