Rift Stone locations?

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User Info: The_Great_DB

5 years ago#1
Where are all the rift stones you have discovered? Or does anyone know a link to a map of them all? My pawns decided to run off a dock and kill themselves in the ruins of aernst castle and now I need to find a riftstone and I have no idea where the nearest one is...and I dont want to travel aimlessly looking and then die a bunch of times or run all the way back to the encampment
The Big DB

User Info: DarkTidus275

5 years ago#2
Uhh there is one at the Catacombs.

Thats the only one I have discovered that isnt in a hub of some sort.
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User Info: Zalyagunryai

5 years ago#3

-One at each rest camp
- Encampment
- Cassardis
- the Waycastle
-Gran Soren
- the Abbey
- the Catacombs

maybe others but these I know for sure
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