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Spoil the Endings For Me Completely *Major Spoilers!*

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User Info: NeoCrimsonCloud

5 years ago#1
I don't know why, but I always need to know the endings to games. I guess it's to prepare me if something terrible happens like Fallout 3's original ending.

That said, I want to know what happens in the endings. All of them if you please.

Also, what do you do to keep playing after the ending. Not new game+ but the one where all the enemies are tougher and there's more quests.

And what's this I hear about you having to kill yourself and your pawn becoming you or something?

Please explain in great detail. Thanks!

User Info: NeoCrimsonCloud

5 years ago#2
bump for spoiler justice.

User Info: NeoCrimsonCloud

5 years ago#3
wow this board is moving fast.

super bump!

User Info: oSilverDragono

5 years ago#4
In short its a 'Dogma' that a senechal or God to the current world would either be replaced by u or u can leave the job to the current person.

Theres also a cycle of Arisen being reborn to replace the current dragon who will bring forth the next Arisen to be replaced again, until one of the Arisen is deem worthy enough to replace the current senechal of the world.

So the first 'choice' u make is either to sacrifice the person u have most affinity with and leave (game over) or fight the dragon and save that person and try to become the next senechal.

The next boss fight pit u against the current senechal and if u lose u fall into the clouds and be reborned into the next dragon who will seek out the next Arisen. If u win, u get to be the senechal by dispatching the current one or imo freeing him from his imprisonment and he thanks u for it. Then u can also kill urself to end the cycle. After ur death all replicants of your pawn from all dimensions combined into one while trying to save u and somehow entered u and he/she becomes u and is alive.

User Info: NeoCrimsonCloud

5 years ago#5
wow. That's some heavy stuff. Pretty interesting. Kinda sucks that I have to die, but cool that I get to play as my pawn in my body.

User Info: F_Wolf

5 years ago#6
The Dragon seeks out someone to be the Arisen, and to guide them and hone their will so they can be the next senechal. Apparently after seeing your ability to fight, your will to live, by stabbing him at the beginning, he chooses you, and steals your heart. Everything after that is a combination of a test and a training course to hone you into the perfect Arisen.

When you finally reach the Dragon, he asks you to choose, sacrifice the one you love most, but the Dragon will leave, and you will be hailed as the Dragon Slayer, or fight him, in which case if you lose, everyone dies. This is of course another test, if the Arisen won't stand up for the one he loves and takes the easy way out, clearly he is not ready for his destiny.

The current Duke chose to sacrifice his loved one, and went back a hero. He also doesn't age, but apparently taking this choice prevents them from earning their heart back.

Once you defeat the Dragon, you earn your heart back, but the world is plunged into darkness. A entire quarter of Gran Soren collapses into a giant pit straight through the Everfall. The Dragon and Dragonforged collapse into dust, and the Duke rapidly ages but does not die. Presumably this is because the Dragonforge is so old if he wasn't immortal he would turn to dust, and the Duke is probably actually 90 or around there. When you get your heart back, for some reason this causes them to rapidly age to their true age.

You head back to Gran Soren, all the enemies are now tougher and the like, and when you get there, the Duke wants to speak with you. He is a old man now, and he accuse you of making a deal with the Dragon (like he did) and cursing him to steal the throne. He refuses to believe anyone could kill the Dragon, and on top of that, if you did kill it, why did the world get worse instead of better?

The guards chase you and you end up at the edge of the aforementioned hole. You fall into it, and if you don't grab onto any ledges, you see that the hole continues forever, and when you reach the "bottom" you just fall out of the sky back into the hole. The pawns say it is a Nexus in the Rift that connects all worlds. One pawn says her master was trying to collect a bunch (20) wakestones to do ~something~ (I forget exactly how she puts it). When you collect them all and give them to her, it opens up a portal to the current senechal. He challenges you to a quick easy fight twice, then gives you a choice, you can leave for a quick merciful death (his words), or fight him.

The fight is you and your main pawn vs him and his main pawn. Upon winning, he announces you as the new senechal, and asks you to kill him with Godbane, the only thing that can kill a senechal. You kill him, and then you can basically do nothing but sit on his throne, which alternatively put either in Gran Soren (repaired) or the starting town, invisible. You can interact with doors, and you can attack people, but that's it. If you try to leave you go back to the thorne.

You can stab yourself with the godbane, in which case you plummet into the nexus, and your pawn falls with your calling out "Master!" trying to catch you. During the fall, all the copies of the pawn from other worlds fly in the pawn, and then they both plummet into the water off the cost of the starting town. You wake up on a beach, but when you speak, it is your pawns voice, presumably cause she is in you now, or has taken your form.

I did have some questions:
What is the significance of the Dragon taking your heart?
Who is the Dragonforged, and what is his role? What happened to him?
How come no one notices the Duke not aging...or do they know?
Why does getting your heart back cause them to age?
Why does the world turn to crap when the dragon dies?
What happens if you let the Dragon kill the one you loved?
What happens if you leave when the senechal gives you the chance?
What actually is going on with you and the pawn during the end?

User Info: Mooga_King

5 years ago#7
Just killed the Dragon and am lost as well.(story wise)
XBL GT: Mooga King D

User Info: jonymelo

5 years ago#8
I'm pretty sure that the pawns are now free from this "curse" -to serve the arisen-, now they're a "complete" human being.
The sacrifice is to give the pawn(s) -life-.

User Info: Mooga_King

5 years ago#9
Who was the Duke's main pawn and why is it explained why pawns eventually resemble their master after a time?
XBL GT: Mooga King D
(message deleted)
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