Assassin - Sword, Dagger or Both?

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User Info: Dlarsh

5 years ago#1
Just kicked off my first hybrid class and had one simple question for those who main assassins: should I drag both primary weapons around with me or just one? I went Strider> Ranger> Assassin because I enjoy using the bows, so I'm more familiar with the daggers as a side effect, but I've also heard that Assassins are beastly with a developed sword skill too. Is there any reason to consider a shield, or should I just stick with the bow?

Since I did well enough with the previous classes, I don't think the Assassin should throw me too much, but are there any distinct differences in their playstyle that I should be aware of?
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User Info: FrozenHELL78

5 years ago#2
an assassin is pretty much a strider, but is more offensive. double jump, dodge, and Easy Kill are dagger only. but swords wreck stuff.
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User Info: Mu_Nova

5 years ago#3
Not that I've noticed, besides having access to a shield being very helpful at times.

Personally, I tried swords but stick with daggers because losing double-jumps throws me off and has almost gotten me killed. Really though, I won't be much help because all I can say is to equip a sword equivalent to your daggers and try it out.

User Info: Dlarsh

5 years ago#4
Forgot those were dagger related core skills... ah well, I'm still VL with both the best Sword and Daggers available atm, so I'll just leave the pawns to the loot and give 'em both a shot. Thanks for the answers.
"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' till you can find a rock" -writer Wynn Caitlin

User Info: statistx

5 years ago#5
I wanted to go for sword but i just can't get into it, so i stick to my daggers.

As allready said the added mobility with the double jump is just too awesome. Don't even need the evasive roll (which is also just dagger) that much, since the jump usually does the trick

User Info: Versal1331

5 years ago#6
I went the exact same vocation path as you and ended up being a sword/bow assassin from level 32-54 which is my current level. I still love it after 22 levels. Im probably going to switch over to Dagger soon just so I can experience something different for a little bit, but the sword skills are awesome.

User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#7
Sword for ground, switch to dagger for climbing.
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