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User Info: _mystic_knight

5 years ago#1
What are some of the best weapons and armor for the mystic knight setup? Have dabbled a bit in a few other classes, but this is by far my favorite. I am also curious to hear of other people's class setups and battle strategies for the mystic knight. What is your favorite class?

User Info: devries41

5 years ago#2
would like to know as well i have tried out strider fighter assassin and Mystic Knight and MK is by far my favourite honestly i dont know why everyone craps over assassin only be super good at night and less pawns isnt my playstyle but i guess some people like it.

User Info: ChromeLocke

5 years ago#3
Locke-Level 61 Mystic Knight- Dragonforged: Barreled helm, Bastard sword, Blue Kite Shield, Grand Surcoat, Knights mantle, Iron Manicae,Full Chain hosen, Chainmail skirt, Plated coat and Baleful nails. I play my Mystic with mixed Warrior and Mystic Knight augments, focusing on massive health, defense, and strength. He's pure melee. ;D

User Info: TenraiSonzai

5 years ago#4
I picked up Caladbolg up by blue moon tower.

In the canyon before it there's a place called smugglers pass. In there you can find it, but you need a couple skeleton keys to open the cells.

I have no idea where I got my shield though.

User Info: ChromeLocke

5 years ago#5
I brought skeleton keys and it wouldn't let me open the cells! wth!

User Info: XFallenPetals

5 years ago#6
Mystic Knight has to be my fav as well. I love playing battle mages or spellswords or whatever, so MK was the class for me.

I like useing Burst Strike, Cannon, and Sigil for my sword skills (cause I don't like maces.)
And then Blessed Riposte... the holy weapon enchant thing, and the skill that increases attack range? D: forgot those names.

I use strike to get in close fast, if I want melee. or if I'm against a lot of stuff I put up a sigil then a cannon so when the sigil goes off so does the cannon. its a boss killer. provided I can keep up with the stamina cost.

for my augments, I have fortiude, bastion, awareness, fitness, vigilance, and adamance. Only rank 4? or 5 on my current character though, so it could change. though at this point I think I could only get rid of vigilance and awareness. ;_; n> more slots.

since this is a newish character I'm still early in the game (I only just started the wyrm hunt quest line xD) so I only have a lightning kite shield and white hawk blade.

the rest of my gear though I'm gonna use as long as I can since I think its cute.
( shamless plug!)
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User Info: TyrantKnight

5 years ago#7
Dunno about armor, as I'm still leveling up, but I do like to carry around a mace and a sword. Maces have blunt damage and are generally more powerful.

I use Burst Strike, Ruinous Sigil and Magic Cannon for my sword skills, while I use Flame Trance, Abyssal Anguish and Holy Wall for my shield.

Abyssal Anguish is probably my favorite ability. Lasts a long time, huge benefits and looks cool. Don't remember all of my augments.
PSN: Exaccus

User Info: Madelle

5 years ago#8
Holy Fortress is also great at protecting your spellcasters from ranged attacks while they summon spells. I believe it will even ward off the Drake firebreath, though that may have been a bug I experienced.
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