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User Info: dynastyhan

5 years ago#41
my character + mage pawn = hobbit size :)

harder to get hit by range (see arrows flew by us all the time and dont get hit unless we stood close to the enemy archers.. heheh)

faster sprinting and stamina drain slower.

just hate it when running against the wind and got blown off while stopping to regain stamina! :-P

User Info: Image20

5 years ago#42
Something that may be worth mentioning is that shops and other buildings are not identified on your map until you visit them once. I ended up spending a good deal of time in the game without equipment (Gran Soren) before realizing this. I thought none of the towns had shops!
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User Info: JinKyojiro

5 years ago#43
I'm not 100% sure about whether this is actually the case or not but I think your pawn is only updated when you rest at an inn.

One thing I've got in the habit of doing is giving my pawn some of the better armour that my main character is wearing before resting and then putting it back on my main chara when we wake up in the morning.

Again, could do with confirmation on this but I'm pretty sure it's the case.

User Info: justabaldguy

5 years ago#44
JinKyojiro posted...
I'm not 100% sure about whether this is actually the case or not but I think your pawn is only updated when you rest at an inn.
You are correct, your pawn is only update online for others to see when you rest at the inn. Additionally, pawns in your party will not refresh until you release them. So if you grab a friend's pawn at level 20, he/she will stay level 20 in your game until released from your party, even if the pawn increases in level in your friend's game during that time.

The best strategy IMHO is first thing when you start playing each day rest in the inn so your pawn refreshes their level and brings you back any earned Rift Crystals (plus any gifts). This also refreshes their ranking online in addition to possibly bringing important new quest knowledge if they helped other people. Then, before heading out on your quest hit the Rift Stone to release your pawns and then immediately rehire them (provided you want to keep using them of course). Hiring a friend's pawn is always free but note this could mean you're going to have to pay a lot more to rehire a pawn from someone not on your friends list.
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User Info: SigmentKurosai

5 years ago#45
Thanks for the NG+ note. Would've erased everything by hitting New Game in the Main Menu. Glad I came here first.
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User Info: sstrunks12sd

5 years ago#46
if anyone could help me by throwing some better gear my way i would thank you! im having trouble finding any new gear

GT: sstrunks12sd

pawn: lvl 23, name: danylle, moniker jackie, class: strider
I just set up @UrDragonXbox360 for twitter, if we can all follow on there and keep live updates, then I'll tweet an announcement for every grace period. That way we can keep a live check on his health and everyone gets an alert.


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User Info: mlc4050

5 years ago#48

User Info: GregHuffman

5 years ago#49
Deadly Premonition
dratsabREVIEWS on youtube
is there a gear guide anywhere?
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