Heading in to Witchwood

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User Info: Brakkis

5 years ago#1
And what in the bloody hell is with those damnable Bandits!?

I can handle the Strider types no problem, but it is constantly sending me against 2 Fighters that take almost no damage from any attack and can 2 shot me at level 14, with the first hit staggering me so I can't avoid the second. I've even had one of them grabbed by one of my pawns and sat there just hammering away at him for what seemed like forever and his health bar barely moved.

I tried just running past spamming "Come!" for my pawns to follow, and the wolves right past them just knocked me over and the bandits caught up.

User Info: dynastyhan

5 years ago#2
Pawns like to fight.... They dont follow my "Come and Help" commands when I'm away from them. THey replied "On my way" but never came until they killed everything near them. I normally just ignore them and run past everything until their icons no longer appear on my mini map and then they will automatically spawn next to me.

User Info: LikeaSsur

5 years ago#3
That seems to be the introduction ceremony for everyone on this board. Those bandits will mess you up. The only advice I can give is to level up a bit more.
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User Info: TheRottenMango

5 years ago#4
I keep trying and trying and they kept killing me I'm only lvl 10

User Info: TerribleMaster

5 years ago#5
Hug the left side of the cliff and you can walk by without them noticing you. That's how I got through that early Witchwood quest.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#6
Yeah, everyone gets killed by those bandits early on. I had trouble there too when I tried to go to Witchwood. I beat the first two bandit waves without hassle, The third ones that magically appear from behind that rock are deadly. The trouble is there are a lot of them so even your pawns get overwhelmed. After a couple of tries the game took pity on me and they didn't spawn the third time. You can also avoid them by sticking to the far left away from the road. Then take the witchwood road.
Adversity introduces a man to himself.

User Info: holiday1021

5 years ago#7
This part had me enraged yesterday. I was able to take out the first two waves, but my pawn kept running towards the third wave, agroing them while I tried to heal up before jumping in, and getting killed, over and over. Each time, the pawn would run in soon as the second group was defeated. I pulled the second group away, far away from where the third group sits. Killed them all, and yet my pawn just takes off running down the road, agros them - same song and dance.

What angered me the most, was not that I spent almost an hour at this one point, but that I could beat them. I always saved the fighters for last, and each time I would get close - one fighter left and my entire group ready to go.

But something would always go wrong. Retry!

User Info: Smoke_Ghost91

5 years ago#8
As you go up the path were the bolder is turn left before coming to the split and you will see a campsite with easier bandits ....then just hug the mounting side constantly pushing the down arrow and the bandits won't even notice you and just run past the wolfs a little then kill them to reduce the risk of running back into the bandits
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User Info: HappilyNeurotic

5 years ago#9
Just stay on the left and book it to Witchwood. My first playthrough I thought Witchwood would be a beast considering how tough those bandits are but there are like, fourteen wolves and five goblins spread out through the entire place.

Plus a load of spiders, boars, rabbits, and crows so it's a good place to finish up those quests, too.
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User Info: OddmanUG

5 years ago#10
Just went through there on new profile lvl 8 Arisen Fighter, lvl 8 MP Strider, using stuff bought or farmed from chests between Cassardis and Encampment. brought along a hired pure support mage with only anodyne and fire boon. killed everything between there and witchwood no problem. Just avoid the fighter bandit until you take out the riff raff. I threw a flask of oil at the fighter then my pawn rained arrows on him enchanted with fire boon, while I blink striked him into a wall. He went down fairly fast.
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