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User Info: slysalt

5 years ago#1
I have Scather on my main pawn which makes him go after the strongest enemies, which is fine by me but i was considering having him take Challenger as his secondary which means he would go after magic and ranged guys as well, which might suit him better now that he's a ranger.

If i have both of these one at the same time what effect will this have on the AI?

User Info: Veluxier

5 years ago#2

Primary inclinations go over secondary... I assume

So if Scather is Primary, Challenger Secondary... he will go after the strongest enemies... then after he is done, he will go after ranged attackers.
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User Info: SIyfox729

5 years ago#3
You could reverse the two. Then you go for the big monster first and when your pawn has mopped up the rest will join you if needed. I like Challenger/Mitigator myself but its all preference

User Info: slysalt

5 years ago#4
I suppose that makes the most sense

I just want to avoid a situation where both a "strongest" enemy and bunch of ranged guys are in close proximity and just having the AI just kinda wig out and do nothing.

Granted i haven't haven't seen a situation the AI can't handle itself in (except maybe Ur-Dragon) but it never hurts to be careful.

User Info: poopybritches

5 years ago#5
Scather/Challenger won't work. Challenger/Scather will.

Primary inclinations take priority, which means that with a Scather/Challenger setup, he'll attack whatever is strongest, unless everything around is of the same strength, in which case he'll attack ranged/magic users first. But unless everything is a ranged/magic user he's going to ignore them because everything else is "stronger," thus a priority target.

The other way round is more efficient - he'll target ranged users first, then attack the remaining enemies in order of strength.
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User Info: slysalt

5 years ago#6
That makes even more sense! Thanks!

User Info: MikeRoxTheBoat

5 years ago#7
poopybritches posted...
Scather/Challenger won't work. Challenger/Scather will.

This. Unless the strongest enemy happens to be a mage or ranged, it's not going to work so well.

I'd actually recommend Challenger/Mitigator if your pawn is a pure damage ranger. Challenger will ensure your pawn takes out ranged enemies at ranged, which is very effective on a Ranger, especially for enemies that like to hang out on cliffs and such. Mitigator will allow the pawn to the methodically work her way up from weakest to strongest enemy, which is usually the order you want to go in anyway. Mitigator Rangers are also much more likely to stay at range than Scather Rangers.

If you want your Ranger pawn to use it's CC abilities to good effect, Challenger/Utilitarian is also a good one. These guys tend to stay at range, also.

Nothing wrong with Challenger/Scather, though, unless you really don't want them to use their daggers.

User Info: AoENIAC

5 years ago#8
For a Ranger pawn I would hire it if it were Challenger/Mitigator with useful bow skills for cleaning house like tenfold or spiral or comet. A setup like that would probably brutalize mages and archers with comet then pick off weaklings with spiral and tenfold is just awesome with certain special arrows.

I'd also hire a Nexus/Utilitarian with skills meant to disrupt and knock around like trigger or dazzle or binder or din. Keep the pressure off and protect the other pawns.
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