Why all the "child" pawn hate?

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User Info: Rayray1985

5 years ago#1
There's a lot of people saying they won't hire a small sized pawn regardless of class, skills, gear or inclination. I understand not wanting to hire a smaller pawn that looks like it is supposed to be some sort of child artillery, but there should be exceptions.

Maybe it's a kid playing the game and modeled his/her pawn into his/her best friend? Or possibly made to resemble a family member. It doesn't have to always be some sicko's fantasy character.

Personally I'm thinking my next play through I might do sort of a Big Daddy and Hitgirl theme from Kickass. Or maybe have both my arisen and pawn as a couple butt kicking youngsters. I think it'd look sorta both cool and funny watching two kids take on the world.

Also, I don't think it's right for people to give naked pawns (regardless of "age") bad ratings without first giving it the benefit of the doubt. If I see it's a naked pawn but they are only rank 1 of whatever vocation, maybe they are in the middle of switching gear or something.

And that's my rant.

TLDR version: Shame to exclude other people from getting potential RC when they did nothing wrong.
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User Info: park_bench

5 years ago#2
What in the...?
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User Info: Darque

5 years ago#3
Carry Weight.
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User Info: SilentLoner

5 years ago#4
I don't have a problem with kid pawns in general. I just grimace at the scantily dressed ones... Though, I tend to ignore pawns like that regardless of their perceived ages.
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User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

5 years ago#5
Child pawn
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its good

User Info: Chacronic

5 years ago#6
I can guarantee you that most of the little child looking pawns are not being made by folks who are themselves little children.

For me its a preference choice. A child pawn isn't appealing in the least, not in look or gameplay wise since they have low capacity and low wind resistance.

Also, no one with a brain is going to get a naked pawn and expect them to do much of anything. If they get them to down vote them, that was what they were going to do anyway even if the owner didn't intentionally put them up nude. We call folks that downvote for reasons like that jerks.
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User Info: Giltia_zero

5 years ago#7
Carry weight.

User Info: AtomicPenguin76

5 years ago#8
I have no problem with people wanting to make child pawns, but I have no desire to ever hire them.

They don't appeal to me as characters any more than "xXHotChicXx" in a thong and silver chestplate...if that's what someone wants to do, it's their game and it's ok. I just don't want it in mine. It's like sitting at the council in Rivendell deciding who goes with the ring, and you set out with Aragorn, Legolas, Boromor, and Chunk from the Goonies. One just doesn't fit.

User Info: Rayray1985

5 years ago#9
I've never had a problem with carry weight on my pawns. Maybe my arisen since I'm the one who is mostly doing all the looting. If I need to stash some of my junk on someone, there's usually one hefty pawn in my group.

Then there's always the sinew augment.

Really can't defend the wind argument though.
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User Info: LordOfDonkeys

5 years ago#10
I used one before that was a melee strider with ensare, extremely useful.

However 90% of the ones I come across are as close to as you can get to nudity in this game. Obviously to "arouse" which is creepy. No weapon, no armor, but you manage a thong and a bra?

Some srs perverts
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