Escort Duty Guide (Or: How To Get The Gold Idol)

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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#1
I've noticed, as I'm sure everyone has, that a lot of people seem to have problems with this quest. Fair enough, Symone can be a little rough around the edges and if you don't do things just right you could mess it up and not get arguably the most sought after item in the game.

If you'd like to see a decrease in Gold Idol threads, let's try to keep this topic bumped. I searched the forum but could not find any kind of concise guide.

Before you start:
First of all, you get this quest from Fournival, and you must have met the duke. BEFORE you try this quest, I seriously recommend sleeping at the inn. NOT just saving the game, SLEEP at the inn (or touch a Riftstone). This creates a second special "checkpoint" save that you can go back to if you fail the quest. You should also have a Flask of Water on you. After completing the Wyrm Hunt quests, and meeting the duke, enter Fournival's house and he will be standing right in the entrance hall with his daughter.

The Quest:
She will first simply want to go into town. Right off the bat, she will begin running. You shouldn't have to sprint, but make sure you keep up with her because otherwise she will complain that you are escorting her properly. I do not recommend sprinting as you may bump into her. Just make sure you're actively running, not walking, and that you keep up with her. He may trip and fall near the cathedral, this is okay. From this point forward she will walk. Make sure you stay near her, next to her, or behind her. You should remain walking and remain patient.

She'll engage you in some monologue on the way to the Marketplace. As you're beside the inn, she will have a quest marker above her head. She will demand that you play some Hide and Seek, and then she will run off.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have a Flask of Water, quickly stop by the curative item shop and buy one. You'll need it in a little bit.

NOTE: I do not know how common this is, but I can confirm it because it happened at least once to me. At this point in the quest, I had the quest completely disappear from my questlog. Not fail, it simply disappeared. Symone was not in her hiding spot and was simply back at her house, Fournival and her both acted as if nothing happened. If this, or any other glitch occurs, simply skip to the end of this guide for the retry tip.

Do not leave town, and do not stray to far. Symone will simply be behind the alehouse, so make your way past the notice board and promptly turn left. Approach her and talk to her. Talk to her again when he has a quest marker, and she will insist on touring the market place. Again, be patient, as she is slow and walks around the fountain peering at things. Just remain beside her and do no do anything unnecessary. You need not talk to her, or stray far from her. Again, patience.

Eventually she will begin heading towards the Pawn Guild. Stay close and she will stop right at the gate towards the Craftsman Quarter. She will have a quest marker. Talk to her and she will demand you fetch her water. Hand her the Flask of Water I had you grab earlier, and she will be satisfied.

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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#2
With another quest marker, she will this time fancy a race. She says she doesn't want you to go easy on her, but make no mistake that you are NOT to win this race. She'll head off down the ramp, at which point you should promptly follow. Again, I DO NOT recommend sprinting. You may bump into her. Keep pace with her, and you may even pass her at times, but whatever you do make sure that she eventually regains the lead and WINS THE RACE TO THE GATE. If you are in front, you can run in zigzag patterns to allow her to retake the lead.

Stay behind her until stops at the gate and has another quest marker. Talk to her and listen to her boasting, and you will both be warped back to Fournival's house. Fournival will thank you for your job. DO NOT WORRY, you have not failed if he does not give you the Gold Idol. You MUST promptly talk to Symone, SHE will give you the Gold Idol.

Take the Gold Idol to The Black Cat and forge it. When you have both in your possession, make sure you ONLY give the REAL Idol to Caxton/Madelaine. KEEP the forgery for the discount, as the forgery will NOT give you better shop stock.

Cheers! You now know how to get the Gold Idol.

How to retry: If, for any reason, you failed the quest or it became glitched, you have the opportunity to retry the quest if you have followed all my advice. Do not restart your console, do not save and quit. Kill yourself somehow. This can be done with Godsbane if you're in NG+, or primarily by jumping off large cliffs if you have no other way. When you die, do not press the top "Retry" option!! Instead pick the "Retry from last checkpoint" and you will load your game from when you last slept at the inn or touched a Riftstone. Go back to Fournival and this time, don't mess up!
GT: iAmTheTot - Live Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma chat. Q&A, Ur-Dragon Updates, Trades, General Chat

User Info: Emptysoul

5 years ago#3
Ah, so that's why I didn't get it. During the race I hauled ass past her, did a sprint jump and rolled across the roof of the house, dove again and landed on the ground and made it through the field and to the gate before she ever made it down the ramp rofl.

Thanks for clarifying ^_^
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User Info: Jaasce

5 years ago#4
You may want to show the bit where if she asks you: "Will you do everything I say?"
Pretty sure it counts towards getting the Idol.
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User Info: jay18034

5 years ago#5
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#6
Cheers guys. I'm going to format it and submit it as a FAQ. I also wanted it here though.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#7
Yeah, great guide TC. This is essential material.
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User Info: Zilof

5 years ago#8
You don't have to kill yourself if you want to retry. You can load your last checkpoint from the Save/Quit menu.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#9
Big ups Zilof, I didn't realize that.

Also, does anyone know if leaving her when she asks for water impacts the quest negatively? IE, if you don't already have water and have to go get some, is this bad?

Seems like a silly question, as she tells you to fetch some, but you never know cause she also says don't do easy on her in the race.
GT: iAmTheTot - Live Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma chat. Q&A, Ur-Dragon Updates, Trades, General Chat

User Info: Arok2092

5 years ago#10
You need to make an ammedment to this. In regards to the hide and seek, she'll be hiding in either the Alehouse OR the Inn. She was in the Inn for me and the Strategy guide says she'll be in one of the 2.
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