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User Info: Murasashi

5 years ago#321
I had been fighting this stupid boss about 12 times now and when I find out he's almost dead I try to fight him and it turns out that I lack the strength to do any substantial damage to him even though he has no health left. So he just flies away after I finally knock out two of his hearts.
I feel completely ripped off at level 91.This boss sucks.

User Info: Jaasce

5 years ago#322
TheSneakyBadger posted...
Thanks capcom. Put the last red spot on it's grace period on the end of it's tail so I can't kill it. Thanks. Im going to smash my disk up now.

Not being a d*** or anything, but is it really necessary to smash up your disc over something you can get again in a few days at most?
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User Info: xAfflictionx

5 years ago#323
thank god it's over lol. Abyssinal set, beowulf mask, lustrous shield, ascalon, dwells-in-light. Not bad

User Info: billida

5 years ago#324
no grace period for me just a crappy participation, though i went 4 times today. gen 37 is already there.

did they shorten the grace period ???

User Info: Avatar1957

5 years ago#325
his hearts wont break for me GODDANGIT just die please my loot and dforge ahhhhhc'mon
GT: LastAyleidKing
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User Info: Fribben

5 years ago#326
That was my first UR Dragon, I went in with a DF'd Ascalon from the offline version. Have been an Assassin since level 14 and took out 5 hotspots during the grace period. /epic

Got tail by stunning him with the other spots and running to tail while he was stunned heh.
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User Info: turlis12

5 years ago#327
Someone posted on twitter there is no more grace period. I'd like 100% confirmation on this before i believe it.
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User Info: XxMIGHTY33xX

5 years ago#328
Just got back in and got a final blow and some good stuff. Nice guys, I was fighting this bastard for over 12 hours, in doses of course. Glad its over!

User Info: ranaquajaperro

5 years ago#329
damm lol you guys gonna hate me then XD i kinda did just poach this kill... XD full abyssinal set, apollo mask, angel's fist (which oddly enough has 666 as base damage >.>) and that Mystc knight shield and the lustrious shield


User Info: Telekenesis123

5 years ago#330
You first posters said he was dead before he was dead so he had like a centimeter left when I went in 3 minutes after you "confirmed". I fought him for a bit but then had to leave as I knew I would miss the real kill if I try and fight him here in this instance as he had way too much life and not enough time to kill like 8 hearts all over the body. I then came back here and checked and you people were still saying he was dead but guess what HE WAS NOT DEAD STILL. I went in AGAIN and he had about 3 mm of life but he had like 8 hearts still alive so I fought him and he was down to one heart on the tip of his tail almost impossible to reach then he flew away for lack of time then I just came back and now I missed the kill. For one that was NOT a half an hours perhaps 15 minutes.

Listen kids if you think you're cool and want to say "he's dead" don't imagine in your head that by the time they get to him he'll be dead because he was very low on life when you left. Say he's dead when he's actually dead, I went back twice and he was still not dead. Don't confirm dead unless he's actually DEAD. Thanks for screwing me over, you're incompetent, trying to get internet brownie points by making things up.

I knew it when the first call was "hes dead" I thought it was bs becuase most kids on this site are lying tryhards looking to be "first!1!!' so I waited for another confirmation. It came but I was still skeptical but I thought I'd have faith in people ...boy was I wrong!

Went in there a 3rd time and it said "for your contribution yadda yadda" got screwed over.

I can guarantee that was not a half an hour though, at MOST 20 minutes but still not even that so they whole thing about 1/2 an hour is false. Perhaps you only get a couple tries I don't know.
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