Loved Skyrim. Hated Dark Souls. Should I buy this?

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User Info: Mey_Erboy36

5 years ago#1
I loved Skyrim and everything the game had to offer. For some reason Dark Souls just didn't seem fun to me. It felt clunky and I never got very far in the game. I am a huge fan of RPGs and was hoping this game would be something new and exciting to try out. So, would you recommend this to me?
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#2
Well, you're in a very interesting predicament.

Honestly, for everyone that continuously compares it to Skyrim, I laugh every time. They are so, so, so, so, so, so very different from each other.

In my honest opinion it's like saying Tetris and Bejeweled are similar.
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User Info: teknic1200

5 years ago#3
you didn't like dark souls? that's crazy talk.
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User Info: FatalX7

5 years ago#4
This is much more similar to Dark Souls than it is to Skyrim.

But it's also similar to Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry and Shadow of the Colossus when it comes to combat.

User Info: HolyMcmoly

5 years ago#5
I Loved Skyrim, hated Dark Souls, and I think Dragon's Dogma's a great game. So there's your answer.

User Info: The_Hero_King

5 years ago#6
You're clunky.

User Info: H4mDemon

5 years ago#7
Yeah, you can't compare this to Skyrim. They're just too different.

Between Skyrim and Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma is closer to the latter, BUT I wouldn't say it's very similar to Dark Souls either. I understand what you mean by clunkiness. It's the same reason I was terrible at the Souls Series. Combat in Dragon's Dogma is more responsive, in my opinion, and you're undeniably more mobile. I find Dogma more enjoyable because it's faster-paced and more forgiving.
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User Info: 1337YODA1337

5 years ago#8
This is deffinitly Dark Souls meets Monster Hunter with a little bit of a Kotor/Dragon's Age mix with the whole pawn party thing.

I personally loved Morrowind, hated Skyrim, and loved Dark Souls and this games amazing, albeit a little repetetive.

User Info: welder7

5 years ago#9
For the record, the combat in this game isn't anywhere near as precise or intricate as Dark Souls. In this game you can button mash your way through it - is it fun? Sure - but if you tried to button mash through Dark Souls you will get completely owned - even at really high levels.

User Info: mooninomics

5 years ago#10
I loved Skyrim, never played Dark Souls, and I love Dragon's Dogma.

But it can't accurately be compared to Skyrim, despite both being RPGs. They're too different in terms of gameplay, dynamics, style and presentation that liking one doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the other. It's absolutely possible, but not guaranteed.

It'd kind of be like saying "I liked Mass Effect. Will I like Borderlands?", or "I liked The Waterboy. Will I like Talladega Nights?" or even "I liked Black Sabbath. Will I like Judas Priest?" Maybe. It's certainly possible, but they're different enough that it could go either way. It's the same with Skyrim and DD.
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