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User Info: Brakkis

5 years ago#1
Alright, round 3. I have some Everfall/Ur-Dragon loot to give away for free! No trading, I don't need anything in return. If you want to rent my Pawn and give her a 5* rating, it would be appreciated but it's not necessary.

What I have:

5x Ascalon
4x Volant White
1x Volant White***
4x Heaven's Key
Lambent Shield***

GT: BrakkisOrindine
Pawn: Nahlise | Level 151 Sorc |

User Info: ac5ash

5 years ago#2
i'll take the dragon roar :)
Pwan: Gene
Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#3
Hi buddy, I'd love the twilight greaves if you can give them to me.

Much appreciated if you can do it.

GT: orguss two.
Adversity introduces a man to himself.

User Info: duo14

5 years ago#4
angel fist and dragonroar plz loggin in to change my pawn to a warr
GT Duo1404
Pawn Jynx

User Info: shawneb0y

5 years ago#5
I would like the Apollo mask..

GT: i yelo i

thanks a lot

User Info: bleituna

5 years ago#6
can i have the siegfried mask
will add you
XBL- HapTi

User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#7
Just changed my pawn to ranger class.
Adversity introduces a man to himself.

User Info: Dirn2

5 years ago#8
I would love an Ascalon and some Abyssinal gear, I'll rent your pawn 13.6 times if you hook me up!!
Gamertag: DiRN2000 PSN: DiRN2000

User Info: shoobydoowap

5 years ago#9
Could definitely use the Abyssinal Coat and I'd be happy to rent your pawn.

GT: Yeager85

User Info: troop666

5 years ago#10
Could I get abysinnal gear and a heavens key?
XBL Gamertag: troop666 PSN Gamertag: Outlawzheart
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