Most fun class to use overall?

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User Info: supo

5 years ago#1
Thinking of getting this game soon so I would like to know which class is the most fun to use in this game overall? I usually go with a sword and shield type of characters in these kind om games (which is a bit boring sometimes to be honest), but this time around I'm looking for some other alternatives.

Any comments?
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User Info: nornefan

5 years ago#2
I have a whole lot of fun being a mystic Archer.

User Info: igashijin

5 years ago#3
Warrior and Fighter were probably the most fun in my opinon; mystic knight and magic archer weren't really as fun for me as everyone made them out to be. Strider and Assassin are fairly fun too.
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User Info: Anakerie

5 years ago#4
I have fun with anything that lets me use a bow and dagger combination. I've tried playing as a mage or a fighter and I just didn't enjoy it. I end up feeling lost without my favorite weapons. My favorites are a toss-up between assassin and magic archer.
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User Info: SelectGender

5 years ago#5
For me it's strider/assassin class, especially when you're playing a fairly small character (not child size). It's fun climbing onto monsters and hanging on for dear life while they try to buck you off.

User Info: bobguy13

5 years ago#6
There are few things more thrilling than using the bow classes' zoom shots to snipe every single member of a goblin patrol from largest to smallest and watching the chain of command fall apart

Sorceror's stronger spells are always a blast to use

Melee classes have a fun time climbing and slashing bosses and beating down enemies up close (and Arc of Deliverance is two hundred orgasms in one slash)

There is no guaranteed "most fun" class and you will be trapped in decision-making limbo FOREVER
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User Info: ur_highking

5 years ago#7
assin, magic archer, mystic knight
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User Info: ur_highking

5 years ago#8
reasons i say those 3?

assin: if u roll with a bow u can zoom in with ur bow + dodge :D

magic archer: bow locks on enimies when their in range u dont have to locate them and aim manual + u can use daggers, bows, staffs and all that stuff

mystic knight: uses maces that do good damage that has enchanments that can be of use, and u get to use sheilds, swords as mystic knight, im not sure but i think even staffs dont hold me to that though :)
GT: TactileAaron01--Pawn lvl: 138

User Info: jeffereyj

5 years ago#9
i'm loving being a mystic knight.

i like being able to use cool shield skills, as well as a sword/mace and then equip a staff to sling some spells if i need to ;-)

before i was a strider, and didn't like not having a shield to defend myself with. because the enemies will ALWAYS come up to try to hit you, and if you don't have a shield you are F'd.

User Info: OddmanUG

5 years ago#10
Fighter - Sword, Shield
Sword and Board badassery. Notable characteristic of this class is block/guard. It's a great class for anything, but is a Melee class with no magick skills. There are some situations that may work better if you have a ranged member or magick member in your party.

Warrior - Two handed sword, Warhammer
Two handed God of physical brutality. Notable characteristic of this class is slow but heavy hitting charge and detonate attacks that can eventually oneshot 3 story tall monsters. They can take a lot of damage, and dish out twice as much, but as with Fighter, they are a Melee class with no magick skills.

Mage - Staff
Professional support class. Mages main job is healing and buffing party members, but at a high level they can deal a fair amount of magick damage.

Sorcerer - Archistaff
If calling down acts of god, ranging from Tornados to Meteor showers, or turning enemies to stone is your thing, look no further. Sorcerers have spells for every situation, and a huge variety to choose from.

Strider - Daggers, Shortbow
The nimble hit and run trickster class. Striders can fight at range with a bow, close in with daggers, pull enemies down with wires, toss some fireworks to stun enemies. Notably, Striders are the only class that can "steal" from an enemy. Striders do not have magick skills.

Ranger - Daggers, Longbow
The lord of long range combat. Armed with a longbow, and the strongest archery skills, Rangers can control a fight from a safe distance, dealing ungodly amounts of damage. At close distance, they utilize daggers with efficiency, but like striders, they lack magick skills.

Mystic Knight - Sword, Mace, Magick Shield, Staff
A cross between a Fighter and a Mage, MKnights can sword and board, while buffing themselves and party members with enchantments. Most notably, their unique magick skills include the magick cannon, and sigils which act like mines. A Mystic Knight firing his cannon from inside a sigil is pretty much impervious to all but the strongest and largest monsters.

Magick Archer - Dagger, Magick Bow, Staff
A cross between a Ranger and a Mage, Magick Archers can fire homing bolts of magick, as well as protect the whole party against debilitations.

Assassin - Dagger, Sword, Shield, Shortbow
Godmode. A cross between Fighter and Strider, Assassins are a versatile class. With unique skills like invisibility(invincibility), a wicked counter move, and Dire Gouge, Assassins are the go to class for getting up close and personal with big things that need to die. Although they have no magick skills, they can also utilize the short bow for ranged attacks.
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