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Ur Dragon Generation 79

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User Info: xMrxFredx

5 years ago#1
Cheers to everyone that contributed last gen, congratulations to everyone that logged a kill, better luck next time to the rest.

Tips for killing:
- For maximum damage output, you may want to consider making a second character that is pure strength or magic
- Purple blood = damage; brown blood = no damage, hit him somewhere else - he has 30 hearts that need to be killed
- Use Holy Element whenever possible (Ascalon/Heavens Keys/Talarian White/Holy Affinity)
- Use Bloodlust and Autonomy (this means go at night, and without pawns!)
- Use any strength or magic boosting augments, including Exhilaration/Equanimity
- Use blast arrows if you have a bow
- Assassins can use invisibility + liquid vim to remain invincible
- Assassins should use Gale Harness with either Hundred Kisses or Fivefold Flurry
- Rangers should use Tenfold Flurry with as many blast arrows as they can
- Sorcerers should use Holy Affinity and the focused X attack
- For more class strategies, visit the links below
- Newbies might consider offline first to see what its all about. You can farm offline for Ascalons/Heavens Keys/Volant Whites.
- Health bar lies, do not trust it all the time. There currently no confirmation on his sporadic HP bars rising and dropping. However, it is confirmed that he DOES NOT HEAL.
- Do not fret about his HP bar not moving or being higher than when you last went in. Just keep hitting it.

Don't use Maker's Fingers. Too much and the next gen will have DEF up and HP up.

Additional strategies can be found here, as well as some other useful information:

From: Unpure_Euphoria
So people can get better HP Urpdates and know how much damage they're doing:
The end of his blips is exactly 50% of his bar (or 0.5 of a bar). The beginning of one blip to the beginning of the next blip ~= 5% of his bar (or 0.05 of a bar). (EXAMPLE: From the bottom is his HP bar to the beginning of the SECOND blip is 5%)

- Please use the above in reporting a more accurate HP total for everyone. :)
- Report HP by how much he has left on entrance, not by how much down or how much you left him at.

From: Unpure_Euphoria
Cheers to denningtonsp for this idea.

If you carry the Godsbane with you, save your game just before entering Lament. Fight Ur, wait till he leaves. Wait for accessing server message, do not leave Lament. Use Godsbane, load game, bam infinite liquid vims.

This needs to be amended. It has come to my attention that the save after you leave Lament is tied to how well you are rewarded if you do not claim a grace kill. Therefore, by bypassing this save, you are seriously damaging your pity reward (that is, the reward you get if you entirely missed grace). If you count on these rewards often, it may be a better notion to ignore this tactic until he is much closer to grace. This tactic may best be utilized overall by people when Ur is lower than, say, 4 bars.

If you do not care about the pity reward, however, then by all means you may still employ this tactic exclusively. Otherwise, use it entirely at your discretion.
GT xMrxFredx

User Info: xMrxFredx

5 years ago#2
Borrowing from the PS3 Gen thread.

PierceLee posted...
Re-posting my FAQ:

When you enter the Chamber of Lament, from Everfall or from Cassardi beach portal, you will see an "accessing server" message, during which a copy of the online Ur dragon will be downloaded. Kill the 3 enemy pawns to summon the Ur dragon into the arena. The Ur dragon will come with hp (and weak spots status) representative of his global health, but at any time players may be greeted with Ur dragon of varying hp. Do not be alarmed if you see an Ur dragon with hp different from what others are reporting - he is not healing himself. Look at the mean for its general health rather than individual hp values.

You will then battle him for 8 minutes on your PS3/Xbox, after which he will fly away and you will see another "accessing server" message, during which the damages you did will be uploaded to the server for consolidation into the global health.

Over time, as players contribute their effort towards the common goal, the Ur dragon's global health will decline. Eventually, when the Ur dragon is killed by anyone, we go into grace period (GP). If you enter the Chamber of Lament during grace period, you will have a chance to land your own killing blow to gain good rewards (loots, and he will dragon forge every item you equipped).

During grace period, his health will start with around 0.3 bars and will decrease over time. So you may happen to summon a 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 bars or even one with hardly any hp left. You have to fight him as usual - this is a real fight, not one that you can destroy each red spot with a hit or two. We usually call this the 'hard' grace period.

As time passes, eventually we get into a stage where he will be summoned with barely a sliver of hp and all red spots lit up. Each red spot is easily destroyed, so go destroy them all and get your rewards. We usually call this the 'easy' or 'soft' grace period.

The total grace period is 30-60 minutes, so timing is critical. You do not want to be spending so much time fighting a 'hard' grace period Ur dragon such that, should you be unable to kill it, you also miss the 'easy' grace period by then. If you are not confident in tackling the 'hard' dragon, exit the arena, go back to the inn and rest, then enter again to catch it with a lower hp or catch the 'easy' grace period. You can also use ferrystone to get to the inn quickly or even use Godsbane to just reload from last save.

Disclaimer: A lot of the above are speculation from observation. There is no confirmation from Capcom.

The following is a link to the above posts, ready for you to copy/paste into a new topic, should the Ur-Dragon go down and regular posters are not available. Clearly this is not a requirement, but I'm offering it for those who want to continue the tradition.
GT xMrxFredx

User Info: robert43s

5 years ago#3
May this one's grace be as easy as the last.

User Info: builder111

5 years ago#4
the last one went down in what 20 hours? Hoping for a St. George mask to complete the collection.

User Info: DamienTheEvil1

5 years ago#5
May I not be stuck with the wrong account fighting a 1.2 at the start of the next grace.
Gamertags- Damien DaEvil 1, Legacy of Havoc & Extreme Havoc

User Info: LordVoren

5 years ago#6
robert43s posted...
May this one's grace be as easy as the last.

What level should I be or with what STR do I need to kill grace? I was comically umable to do anything to the last one at level 59.
"Only the strong survive."
GT: Lord Voren /// Pawn: Draknah (Pure Sorc)

User Info: Zague77

5 years ago#7
May this one not go down ridiculously fast when I'm sleeping.

Still, sounds like lots of people in other time zones have been getting the shaft over what time he's been dying. Missed the last one completely but guess I've been lucky for the last few before him.


59 sounds very low to be giving yourself a shot at taking down the online Ur. You do see some low-ish levels on the killboard but generally I'd say 100 is about the lowest you should be to expect a decent chance. If you can kill the offline Ur fairly easily it would probably be a good idea to farm him for levels. Going solo or with just your main pawn and using a blessed flower if you've got one is a big help with levelling fast.
GT: Zague77
Estevon says, Hoy!

User Info: builder111

5 years ago#8
LordVoren posted...
What level should I be or with what STR do I need to kill grace? I was comically umable to do anything to the last one at level 59.

It will be alot easier if you fight the offline for exp., especially with a bezel crown pawn. A few level ups with each kill. Also make sure you have the best augments. You can use the Nobleman's quarters trick if you are postgame to level vocation ranks and gain discipline points.

The difference between level 59 and 200, or even into the 100s is quite noticeable.

User Info: Ghost_of_Kirin

5 years ago#9
Health's @ 9.9's to 9.6's on several runs, if anyone is interested.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#10
1 am? Damn I was actually awake for that, but my computer and Xbox were off. Ah well. Cheers everyone.
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