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User Info: coolfire1357

4 years ago#11
yeah, meralonne i kinda agree - but she's 16 and so on the borderline of "can play those games...". at least III has some historical value, sort of.

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#12
You're on my FL :D excellent!

I am pretty sure a mage can be equipped with that, and I three-starred it for you as well.

My solution was to buy myself my own xbox, as I got tired of evicting my evil son every time I came home from work...

User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#13
coolfire1357 posted...
but she's 16

You have a 16-year-old daughter? I have two suggestions for you:

1. Don't let her come here. Ever.
2. Let her play AC. It beats the hell out of, "Daddy, I'm going out on a date, see you tomorrow!" Buy another Xbox instead.
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#14

I, uh... may have gotten a little carried away. Merlyn is a tall, elegant man and the coat, well... he got it, but...

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