Argh!... Dragonforging frustration

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User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to DF my 3-star Savage Fang by farming the drake near Devilfire Grove. I know that there is only an 18% chance that it will be DF'ed per kill, but I have just killed that darned drake FIFTEEN times and no DF. Argh! :/

I can't do the statistics math anymore, but the odds of an 18% success rate not occurring 15 times in a row has to be pretty darned unlikely. Double darn. I'm just annoyed and frustrated.

At the end of every kill I get a level-up (since I'm doing the restart from checkpoint method to farm him). That level-up wouldn't effect things, right? I really don't think so. I'm really getting tired of kicking his ass without getting my DF props. :)
My GT: Dr Nick 1971

User Info: Austin119

4 years ago#2
Ur Dragon would be 30% offline.....
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User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#3
That has happened three times to me, where I've had runs of no DFing for as long as eight or nine successive dragon kin deaths, but never 15.

The game promptly compensated with a couple of double and triple forgings.

Do you have a set of tears? Everyone says no, but it's been my personal observation that carrying a set seems to increase the DF rate, the operative word being "seems".

User Info: Derdak54

4 years ago#4
percentage of items dragonforging is depending on how many 3 stars gears you wearing , that means you will have better chance DF stuff when you only wear 3 stars gears.
if you wearing 1/2 stars gears or DF and have only one gear with 3 stars you want to DF , you will most likeky to wait for a while until you get it DF'ed . thats what i concluded after lot of time fighting Ur offline to DF my gears , now i only go there with 3stars gear , get 3 or 4 of them DF'ed , then i switch them to another 3 stars set and repeat .. much faster this way .
GT1: Derdak54 , pawn Tessa , sorcerer only
GT2: GRDvStingray69 , pawn Felli , ranger with BC

User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#5
I always carry a full set of tears in post-game, even though everyone says they only help with everfall drops.

I don't wanna go the offline Ur-dragon route even though it has a 30% chance to DF. The Devilfire Grove drake is right next to a checkpoint save and it is so convenient to just restart and do it again fairly quickly if you don't get that Dragonforged clank. It has always been my method to fairly quickly DF almost all of my gear.... except this time. :/

I'm just frustrated. I'm gonna take a break and then I guess I'll just try again. :)
My GT: Dr Nick 1971

User Info: ShinzouMorimoto

4 years ago#6
sorry to hear that, I think a lot of us have probably felt the sting of Drake dragonforging. Unfortunately, percentages are only chances and not guarantees, so 18% obviously doesn't mean you will have the item dragonforged in 6 attempts.

As far as I know, the Dragon Tears and the level up should not actually have anything to do with Dragonforging.

User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#7
I just put in another 4 attempts. All unsuccessful. Argh. That puts it at NINETEEN times that I've tried to DF that darn Savage Fang. I'm thinking its time to give up. :/
My GT: Dr Nick 1971

User Info: Psychopski

4 years ago#8
I've been trying forever to get my sorc pawns Telarian White, Berserkin and a few other pieces of her gear DFd. My Arisens a ranger, but I switch over often to Sorc for Dragon runs daily for her gear.

I know the deal with 3 stars, but other than capes, when I'm specced as Sorc with her gear on, I've yet to get ANY DF. Sure as sh..t, when my Arisens specced back to Ranger, I either stumble across the Ur during easy grace, or.... without even thinking or really wanting anything DF'd, I'll get a DF in one of the chambers. I'll get 2 or 3 DFs in a row when I"m ranger with my gear. It blows my mind.
GT: ST7A Bad Karma
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User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#9
Yeah, I'm up to over 25 straight attempts now farming that darned Devilfire Grove drake with no DF'ing that darned Savage Fang. I have NEVER had any problems DF'ing any gear before. If my stuff was 3-star upgraded, I don't think I've ever had to do more than 6 or 7 runs to get it DF'ed. But now I'm over 25 times! It's just not gonna happen I think. :/

That's okay. I don't really ever play as a ranger... just occasionally. I figured I'd DF my longbow. Not no more. Lol
My GT: Dr Nick 1971

User Info: Ghost_of_Kirin

4 years ago#10
Here's a quick and easy way to farming Dragonforged stuff, be they any of the three lesser dragon kinds.

Battle the dragon, and as its near death, let your pawns deplete its health to zero; they'll actually claim that it is dead too, but its not. Anyway, after that, just run away far enough for the Drake to fly off.

Save your game at this point, or get closer without triggering a fight to save, and then engage it again, and if the items you want dragonforged aren't forged, just load the save file. All it takes is one hit to determine your chances of getting your items dragonforged.

The above method doesn't work as well on the vywern though...
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