Ur-Dragon Generation 137

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User Info: Ghost_of_Kirin

5 years ago#61
@Kara: I actually believe that ANY Maker's Finger that lands the killing blow has the potential to subsequently spawn the Hard Grace with the 0.03 or 0.04 health bar. What Hideaki Itsuno meant by the Ur-Dragon being harder to defeat is just that; the use of a Maker's Finger; collectively or otherwise, and not just by the one finger that landed the pre-Grace killing blow, will stack more and more health and defenses into that 0.03 or 0.04 health segment.

Over time however, that bar will grow longer and longer, and the faster the Ur-Dragon goes down as a result of a collective of Fingers used, the shorter the window of opportunity. So a longer Hard Grace health bar and a shorter Window of Opportunity means more missed kills in the future. :(

I recall Gen 92 when the boards were in lock-down being an easy Grace through and through, While I don't know about Fred, who also landed the killing blow, I landed the pre-Grace kill without a Maker's Finger and afterwards the subsequent kills were reported as easy Grace for all.

Another time too, I recall Fred saying he had fired a Maker's Finger but the Ur-Dragon didn't go down because of its cankles having a huge amount of health, 0.65 so he jumped on and waylays into it until it died. Another easy Grace through and through for all.
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User Info: NAME

5 years ago#62
Mwahahaha! I finally got someone to say "cankle"! :) ...And Princess Amidala is my stripper name! :)
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User Info: xMrxFredx

5 years ago#63
GT xMrxFredx

User Info: NAME

5 years ago#64
I was just running on the docks to Dexter Xena! ...This hurts me more than it hurts you, Xena! *splash* -- 8.5! :(
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User Info: DamienTheEvil1

5 years ago#65
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User Info: Karathrax

5 years ago#66
Ok, that makes sense-- but yet, when I was doing the grace rounds with Karathrax after my killing blow with Sekhmeti, those rounds were no more difficult than usual. I got the one-hit wonder grace dragon on the third summon. The plummeted health graces from the exploited gens, that was a whole different story. Those were almost impossibly hard, and I failed to break all the hearts before grace expired as there was no time for a third summons. Generally, hearts don't start bursting until the end of the round in a 0.03 grace round for Karathrax; Sekhmeti can break them all in one.

Maybe there's something else going on to factor in? One of the wiki articles I read a while back talks about there being a set of five different "flavors" of Urs that generate at random; varying grades of normal, super squishy and extra hard. Maybe last gen, like The Gen That Shall Remain Nameless, was one of the extra hard ones?

I am not trying to defend my actions yesterday so much as try to puzzle out Ur behaviors. I also just do not understand why it took almost three hours to go from the 0.2 I had at 8:30 PST to death, when normally one sees grace being called almost immediately after the report of such a figure.
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User Info: Ghost_of_Kirin

5 years ago#67
I think you got the easy one-hit Grace kill with Karathrax that time because the Grace time was just about to run out. A close call, requiring a lot of luck and great timing, but it's happened to me a few times too when I've just gotten the message of a Grace, while others have proclaimed how hard that particular gen's grace was.

I believe every generation in grace gives the player a chance to kill it. It just depends on the time when you catch it that determines whether its Hard, Normal or Easy Grace. Since there hasn't been a reporting of one person dealing the damage to an easy grace and another player landing after them claiming that its hard grace. It's all just a timeline and not a randomness of health servers, if that makes sense.

For the 0.02 one, and I say this very carefully, had you killed it in that round, we would have had Grace on the following rounds. =)

I've seen such a pattern quite a lot, as I've once failed to kill a 0.02 Ur-Dragon as well, disappointing Rei as he was rooting for me to kill it, but the rounds following were exactly the same as last gen's.
"I often think that the best way to liberate Iran is just to drop Nintendo consoles from the air." ~ Salman Rushdie

User Info: robert43s

5 years ago#68
8.75. Seems this one is taking a while.

User Info: NAME

5 years ago#69
Yeees... ...It's almost as if, shall I dare say it..? ...The hackers were responsible for the easy kills, and the majority of the damage done, sometimes twice in one day, but are gone for a while, having left a Ur-Dragon at gen 137 -- which is much tougher, and infuriating, with the generations upon generation of health boosts, and since there are less hunters compared to the PS3, which has over a million people, most of them Japanese, who bought and played to the highest gen so far, because the PS3 has so many more people to bring it down, while the 360 players are screwed by hack kills, leading to many rushed kill generations, leaving an undeserved, and out of balance, system, without a million or more players to help kill it... :/
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User Info: GAMERKS

5 years ago#70
they messed up ur. i missed the fast graces. 1 kill per day was great. but now, it's like old days. 5 days until death.
i messaged uran what's going on, but for now no reply.
maybe capcom did something again this fast kills.
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