Ur-Dragon Generation 142

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(message deleted)

User Info: xMrxFredx

4 years ago#82
he's still dead for me anyone else?
GT xMrxFredx

User Info: NAME

4 years ago#83
he/she/it's still dead for me in a different way -- until hard mode shows up, I refuse to start the game again! :(
I'm supposed to be dead.

User Info: GAMERKS

4 years ago#84
he's still dead and maybe in softgrace.
thanks to ghost and fred for message on live. but this time it was a waste.
the last update messed everything up. did name and ghost missed the kill?
GT RohrGamer Pawn Sheryll
GT Xx GAMER KS xX Pawn Duncan

User Info: robert43s

4 years ago#85
GAMERKS posted...
he's still dead and maybe in softgrace.
thanks to ghost and fred for message on live. but this time it was a waste.
the last update messed everything up. did name and ghost missed the kill?

Wow, that's a very long grace, or something else is wrong.

User Info: XanderRinge

4 years ago#86
I went in rushed, since I didn't check this until forty minutes after the death was posted, so I had only a few beast steaks among other small curatives and no Godsbane, Maker's Fingers or even Blast Arrows.

I found the single heart, high up on his right front leg. He was jumping, spinning, running, making it almost impossible to grab onto him. I finally managed to cling on. I struck hard and fast, cutting deep into his scales with my daggers.

He knocked me off with a quick down thrust and followed up with a stomp, squashing the life out of me.

I came back, smarter and more determined. I climbed higher to avoid being knocked off as he stomped his feet. Eventually, my arms grew tired and I fell, no longer able to hold my grip. He opened his giant maw and the flames enclosed me in death's warm embrace.

Again and again I came at the beast, every time unable to outlast him, every time being killed in a new way, every time taking that much more of his health off.

Eventually, after many deaths, I climbed yet again, refusing to give up and walk away. I slashed and slashed as Gorgoron summoned fire from the sky, ice from the ground, and lightning from her own hands. Selena fired arrow after arrow, all hitting the mark, as Talia ran around pointlessly, cutting at its already decayed toes. Useless.

Again, I could hold on no longer. I circled the beast, taking several blows, but still alive. I was in pain, blood covered my face, my clothes rent. I worked up my strength and climbed the beast again. Again, I slashed and slashed. Again, Gorgoron summoned her magics. Again, Selena's arrows flew true. Again, Talia was useful only in temporarily distracting the beast.

Eventually, the beast fell. We stood victorious! I looked to my pawns, head held high, and yelled, "Talia, what the f***!"
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User Info: Zague77

4 years ago#87
Heh. Enough time for five full rounds and he just wouldn't die! Thanks to Fred for the heads up, though :)

I rushed in a bit unprepared, without any periapts, but didn't think it would matter too much. My rebuilt Arisen (finally back up to 200 after the file corruption) is stronger magickally than she was before, and yet five rounds of constant pounding couldn't kill that one bloody heart. If I'd known grace was going to last well over an hour I'd have gone back for some periapts and switched my pawns to my usual all-sorcerer team. But I was sure I'd miss out if I did that. Oops.

Maybe the game's trying to tell me something. I was on the fence over whether to get another kill with my main or leave it. As soon as I kill him, my 49 kills will become 1. Perhaps this is a message to hang on to my kills a little longer?
GTs: Zague77 & SleepyJimZzz
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

User Info: Derdak54

4 years ago#88
holy damn , that was a hard grace , 5 full rounds as well to kill that single heart , i thought i missed it on my last two runs , he kept jumping and spinning like mad , very active on his legs .... :O
congrats for the kills guys , and thanks to Fred for calling grace :))
GT1: Derdak54 , pawn Tessa , sorcerer only
GT2: GRDvStingray69 , pawn Annelotte , Fighter
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