Caxton gone missing

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User Info: XwilliewonkaX

4 years ago#1
I am on new game plus and im trying to enhance my weapons and Caxton is just gone from his Armory his wife is still just sitting their but caxton is gone and i havent even talked to the duke yet i have read other threads about it and the general answer was that caxton is the person in front of the dragon but i havent even talked to the duke so i am really confused
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User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#2
Did you kill him by accident earlier? If you did, he will respawn in 7 game days.
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User Info: CRK44

4 years ago#3
Long shot, but for me, DD has absolutely horrible render times. Down times I have to stand at the Inn desk or Caxton's armory for extended periods of time for him to show up (really, only like 15 seconds max). Sometimes I will leave right before they are going to pop up becuase it's been so long.

But you probably did an Escort Quest featuring Caxton maybe?
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