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User Info: Karathrax

3 years ago#151
LonerwolfM posted...
angeloglorioso posted...
Not an answer but a suggestion. Keep the pawn's dagger on you and give it to him/her when you want it used.

The Only problem with that for me is IF you get jumped or caught by suprise and are in battle without having time to gift/equip daggers on your pawn. I found out hard way sometimes in battle it WONT let you gift or equip an item if you or pawn is too close to enemy forcing you to back away far enough to be able to gift / then equip them their daggers.

Actually, that is because the person is actively using the weapon at that exact moment. Try again in a few seconds and you can most likely change it out.

I climbed the Ur this evening and switched rings. Since it was a Daggerist Band I was equipping for 1000 Kisses, I had to wait for my Arisen to stop the stabbity animation before I could change a STR ring for the band.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
Mommmm! Not THAT game again!

User Info: Zerraint

3 years ago#152
So Sigmund is off on a giant hunting training camp then~. (Because his arisen is terrible at hitting siren sized moving enemies @.@)
GT: HTArtillery
DD:DA Pawn: Sigmund/Sorcerer or Ranger/lvl200

User Info: Sassi666

3 years ago#153
Damocles would like to thank

PREV4IL; 50,302; 5*; Gransys third star; blessed flower; It has been a pleasure.

Wohoo thank you for getting the Gransys third star :D
GT Sassi501: Pawn Damocles lvl 200 sorcerer Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator
Alt GT Sassi0666: Pawn Leonidas warrior for now 30+

User Info: Jimbird816

3 years ago#154
Thanks to:

ElderSpiritWolf; 260,402 RC; 5/5/5*; Magick Medal
Also Wights, Liches, and Drakes Foe Knowledge and Area Knowledge for Gransys and Ancient Quarry

ElderSpiritWolf; 0 RC; 5/5/5*; Beast Steak
added this since i got 2 gifts so guess he had her twice. Thanks so much. Hope you had fun with her.

Heavy Jay 901; 11,533 RC; 5/5/5*/; Conqueror's Periapt; Actively battled foes

User Info: Rord64

3 years ago#155
Kudos to

Giantcavecrab: 104k RC and all my pawns knowledge went from 2-Star to 3-star, damn son!
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User Info: TheRicFactor

3 years ago#156
Thanks to:

Ruinedtruth; 51,284 RC; 3* Review
XBL / PSN: TheRicFactor

User Info: Mick65

3 years ago#157
Kurgan thanks,

SpaSTicWambaT58; 174,571RC; Great Dragon Anula, 5*s

And Giantcavecrab; 58,450 RC; Why haven't you joined?
GT: cmStone Pawn: Kurgan, level 200 Fighter

User Info: Snake_Oil

3 years ago#158
pilgrimsoul posted...
A huge thank you from modernfan & Alistair go to:

Otomo Tenzi; 123275 RC; 5*; Level 1 Armor; Level 2 Gear; Level 2 Novelty; Beastial Eye; Hunk of Gold Ore; My thanks

Just when I was starting to get concerned about Alistair's rents falling off, I get this wonderfully generous surprise - I truly can't thank you enough! Karen is also quickly becoming one of my favorite rangers. :D

And you are welcome! : )
GT: Otomo Tenzi

User Info: hardmerchandise

3 years ago#159
Derdak54 posted...
just got a Ur kill with Aryana and Miralda in the team , both did great :)

though i would suggest about Aryana to drop that carrion claw that have this enchantment " extend duration of boost " cause i always buff pawns and myself with tagilus and salomet potions and noticed she doesnt take benefit of each boosting cause last one is still running on her :/

Hrmmm...I thought if she still had it run inane you used more it just reset the counter? If this is not true then I'll try for a new carrion claw. I hadn't really paid all that much attention to enchantments other than the one about wind, since wing buffets piss me off so much.
GT: hardmerchandise, DominantWeevil7, Smooperman2000
DD:DA Pawns: Aryana 200 Sorc, Selenia <150 Mage, Aeken 200 Ranger

User Info: Snake_Oil

3 years ago#160
InhumaneComet posted...
Thanks to
CaptainNuzack; 90,000 RC; 5*; Conquerors periapt
Otomo Tenzi; 59,100 RC; 5*; Elder Ogre knowledge; Vile Wakestone; Indurated Dragonsblood; Bone Lantern; 2 BBI weapon 2; 2 BBI Novelty 3; All the best to you.

I'd just like to give special thanks to Vanderol, ANG3LG1RL and Otomo Tenzi as they have all gifted me a fair bit of BBI stuff and the Rift Crystals to actually purify them. Huge help with starting up my pawn.

What can I say? : )
It was YOU who trained my Karen to be the ultimate killing machine that she is now... I am just repaying the kindly favor, by training Saeros!
GT: Otomo Tenzi
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