Rent and Be Rented Redux #24

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User Info: johnstaada

4 years ago#391
Deedlit would like to thank
MAEGOLIN; 128k; 5/5/5; lvl 3 gear

User Info: benjihad1819

4 years ago#392
Karathrax posted...
Already got it covered, Benjihad. XD

Lol i wasn't sure if lani11a even realised
GT: ScumOtheEarth
Pawn: Karn (fighter/warrior)

User Info: Axel_Gunshin

4 years ago#393
Kisara gives great thanks to:

Otomo Tenzi III; 118,341 RC; 5/5/5*; Blessed Flower; Was our finest warrior.
d4RK FaLLen; 275,653 RC; 5/5/5*; Blessed Flower; Actively battled foes.
Dhawen; 296,104 RC; 5/5/5*; BB Gear Lv. 3; Oft aided the party.
Karathrax; 1mil RC; 5/5/5*; DF Light Outfit & BB Gear Lv.3; Was an invaluable asset.

And the bawss pays out like a bawss.
XBL Gamertag: I Tsunayoshi I

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#394
When my wrists permit. :/ Gotta love that carpal tunnel thing.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: adamwaldie

4 years ago#395
Hey all,

I am eager to switch Marek to a utilitarian ranger once he has all his stars, but I have been struggling since about two weeks ago when I try to get his last Golden Knight and Hydra star.

I was wondering if anyone who may be hunting for these stars and would take him along for the learnin'.

If not, it's all good - I'll keep plugging away at it. But I'd greatly appreciate it if it's at all possible for someone who knows what to do and is able to do it (e.g., I cannot do the barrel-hydra trick for the life of me and I've read countless time people saying they've done it for a star).

Thanks either way. Cheers!

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#396
You're probably just needing kill count. Take a look at the sticky on Bestiary Stars above, that pretty much explains what is needed.

Keep in mind that the kill counts you see are your Arisen's, not your pawn's.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: Axel_Gunshin

4 years ago#397
I gotta laugh here for a bit. I've been after a Lordly Cloak for a while to see how it would look on my Arisen, and got two of them (one DF'd in the Forsaken Cathedral.) Dark Bishop did me a grand favor this time around.
XBL Gamertag: I Tsunayoshi I

User Info: pilgrimsoul

4 years ago#398
Alistair & modernfan would like to express sincerest gratitude to:

Otomo Tenzi; 16741 RC; 5*; Maleficent Heart; Nebula Cape x2 (enhanced to 3*!); Meloirian Cyclops Veil; Hydra Gallstone; You have a style about you

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time it took to procure those nebula capes in particular. You, ser, ROCK!

DialingAsh38; 16223 RC; 5*; Wyrmking Ring; Always a pleasure

DialingAsh38; 12752 RC; 5*; Hydra's Lifeblood; You've been raised well

I really appreciate being able to count on your rents - you can always count on mine as well. (Illana is with me as I type this). Thanks for being such an amazing friend & partner in crime.

@D4rk FaLLen - I also have your pawn right now and will send him back to you later this evening with some RC. :D

Sending out thanks for an off list rent as well:

radcon dan; 40146 RC; 3*
GT: modernfan, Pawn: Alistair - all rentals & feedback gratefully received

User Info: drunkenpirate24

4 years ago#399
I am trying to set Marcus up so he can do something against Death and was wondering what spells have knockdown and do both the Strength & Magic knockdown augments work with spells?
GT: d4RK FaLLen

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#400
Emphasis works with magical-based spell damage. Some of the spells have a physical component which is affected by the caster's STR stat-- I am not sure if Impact has any influence on that portion of damage, but I suspect not. The spells that are definitely affected by the STR stat are Bolide, Glicel and probably Seism, but the latter spell has not been specifically tested that I know of.

Your best bet is to use Emphasis, which is an invisible add to knockdown... and maybe try experimenting with the Cursed King's Belt and two Barbed Nails, which is the best way to bring up a melee pawn's knockdown/stagger. I have never tried this out on a sorcerer, though, so I'd be very interested in hearing if your pawn's knockdown/stagger stats go up when equipped with these.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
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