Random question about Magick Archers and there "arrows"

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User Info: LeonKennedy28

4 years ago#11
lunajenny posted...
Striders, assassins and rangers get arrows that stick in the enemy. You can also use special arrows like blinding arrows, sleeping arrows and explosive arrows if you keep a stock of them and which are more useful than people think. You might want to consider keeping a stock of things like throwblast and dragon's spit as they are actually quite powerful. If you hit an ogre with 4 sleeper arrows to put it to sleep then throw a throwblast at it's head then that is enough to one shot it on hard mode. They may sound overpowered but you can only buy a limited amount at a time, they are expensive and they weigh a bit so it becomes a game mechanic you can use and manage.

Also assassins get a bow skill called lyncaen shot which zooms in like a sniper rifles and hit for a high powered shot that inflicts critical damage on weak spots like heads. They also get an augment that increases damage against foes who haven't seen you yet so that adds a cool stealthy sniper element to archery ^^

This is the problem i'm having, I don't know if I want to play an assassin or MA, as of right now i'm built towards MA, maxed out Mage and almost maxed Sorcerer.
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User Info: lunajenny

4 years ago#12
Well, stats don't matter all that much, but ideally a magic archer or magic knight should have a mix of strength and magic, the usual ration of strength to magic people recommend is 4:6. That said, assassins get the best strength growth in the game so if you are lagging behind in strength then that's the way to go. Most Magic Archer builds recommend levelling as an assassin and a sorcerer. However, as I said, stats don't really matter as much as augments, gear and tactics so just play as whatever you want whenever you want.
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