A few questions about Pawns

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User Info: saintsfan

3 years ago#11
You guys kick ass. Hope you know that. I've been around GameFAQs since it started and this is probably the most helpful community I've ever seen.

User Info: SIyfox729

3 years ago#12
I have major issues with Hibiki switching her primary to Challenger. Poor girl just hates those magic casters that much I guess. I literally have to change it if not every day then every other for sure. Then I have done the pots 3-5-7 and be left with only Utilitarian Primary. It can be a pain in the ass at times. I think part of it is still residual from the neutralizing pots I hit her with when I first got back. Didnt know until afterwards that it was no longer a good idea lol
XBLGT: Slyfox729
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User Info: TheRicFactor

3 years ago#13
Personally I use a 3-7-13 potion sequence and have to re-use potions far less than usual. I haven't had to change once on my new alt at about 30 some odd hours in. Of course, that has been since I could afford potions. So glad we have the rent club or I'd be screwed in terms of RC.
Xbox Live Gamertag: TheRicFactor
Currently playing Alt GT for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - TheRicFactor Z

User Info: gjs123

3 years ago#14
Well I'm glad I asked before I used that neutralizing potion, I'd rather have to change inclinations more often than have a dumb pawn

*Edit* Damn you saintsfan you've been here a little under month longer than I have.
XBL: Stormaru
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User Info: Eduardo_msc

3 years ago#15
I like to set my 4 major inclinations, so I go 4/6/8/10. It works pretty well with Tyrande, she's always a Utilitarian/challenger/mitigator/medicant(only non-useless vocation left for a Sorcerer) Pawn.

To this day, the only time she ever changed inclinations while under this "diet" was when I tried to carry my lvl 35 pawn from my alt GT through post-daimon BBI. I had to resurrect Maiev so many times, Tyrande ended that run as Utilitarian/Nexus.
GT: Eduardomsc; Pawn: Tyrande, lvl 200 Sorcerer;
Alt GT: EdwardTheAlt; Pawn: Maiev, lvl 39 Ranger.

User Info: EwwBugs

3 years ago#16
Karathrax posted...
No, do not ever use the Neutralizing Potion. Your pawn is reset back to nothing, and whatever battle personality it had is gone in terms of whether your pawn is a quick spell caster or a heavy shooter or the like. I did this once and to my dismay, 'my' Draken was gone and it took a solid month of game hours to get 'him' back.

I think in my restlessness last night when I was clearing out my bags I used one....it was a total facepalm moment and I shut the game off and have yet to look back. Haven't turned it on yet this morning, (waiting for the kiddo to head to school) is Kili now a tub of butter with the IQ of a rug?! Please say no! Its taken me so long to get him to be a decent sorcerer ; ;
GT: DC Panda22
Pawn: Kili

User Info: Karathrax

3 years ago#17
If you saved your game prior to shutdown Kili's brains have been hosed. If you simply turned the game off without saving after using that potion, your pawn will be unaffected.

Fortunately, the partial lobotomy is not permanent.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: LonerwolfM

3 years ago#18
Karathrax posted
Sometimes the pawn AI will try to apply its old orders to new skills, making your pawn run around in circles like an idiot. This is inclination fail, or pawn senility.

The Dreaded PAWNZIMERS its ALMOST as bad as a neutralizing potion. At least Pawnzimers a good swift kick in the pants can wake them up lol
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