Do pawns fight better if they have lanterns?

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User Info: DrNick2008

3 years ago#11
DatDarkOne posted...
That would be because they are throwing the oil at enemies. I've seen them do it too many times.

That is entirely possible.

...especially seeing as how Julia has perfected her aim taking out Death using nothing but thrown Festival Pies. ;)
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User Info: DatDarkOne

3 years ago#12
Hehe. She does loves those Festival Pies. :D
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User Info: robert43s

3 years ago#13
I never give my pawns lanterns, they seem to be very good at seeing in the dark, even though they always seem to complain of the dark. I also never give them flasks of oil.

So DrNick, with the festival pies, does it cause Death to die laughing?
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User Info: LonerwolfM

3 years ago#14
closetblonde posted...
Death WILL home right in on pawns with lanterns and ignore them if they don't have one, and the arisen does, unless they attack.

Mine has fought quite happily in the dark before when I forgot to give her one :)

Oh how I wish this was true 100% of the time.

Unfortunitely I have had Death decide "I dont care if NONE of you are carrying lanterns or not Im killing you all anyway".

I have to weigh in on this Pawns lantern use oil. I have given pawns lanterns but no flasks of oilI and I have seen their lanterns dim then go out. I have a few empty lanterns in storage because of it lol.
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User Info: killenTime01

3 years ago#15
Very odd, I give pawns lanterns all the time and they have never ran out of oil and always go back in the full inventory slot. When I return them. Amber and Elvira have carried a elite lantern since I gave it to them. Never gets put back in inventory.

A good hunter always uses bait. Oh did I say that out loud. 8)

I don't give them oil, I learned that very early on that they toss them.

By no means I'm saying they don't. But they never have with me.

No disrespect, to DrNick and LonerWolf, I very much value your opinions and knowledge.

Just wanted to mention my experience.

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