What would be on your wish list for the next game?

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User Info: Ghost_of_Kirin

3 years ago#11
Bring on the Bayonetta style of weapon change on the fly combo system! :D

Have a unique feature to save favorite vocational changes - maybe three in total. So that we can change vocations real quick with the optimal armor, weapons, skills and Augments of our choosing, already equipped. This would also allow the player to either update the changes of the armor, weapons, skills and augments that are compatible for the vocation one wishes to switch to, or to keep them as they are where applicable.

Currently I hate it how the skills can either go missing or get jumbled when you change vocations. :/

Please give us the option to display the Pawns stamina bar alongside the health bar, as well as the first letters of their current inclination: U/S for Utilitarian/Scather for example, or C/M for Challenger/Mitigator. Or small emblems or icons depicting these.

I second the idea of a Spear class, a super deadly weapon in the martial arts world, highly regarded as the best - so it's only fitting. :)
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User Info: DanOverboard

3 years ago#12
Though the additional Warrior skills and new weapon types have been appropriately beaten to death, I have to agree with all of these points:

Maiden_Deth posted...
Random loot Borderlands 1 or Diablo 3 style. It's too tempting to treasure grind with the Godsbane when players know the loot content in each chest. Obtaining a few of the Everfall armor sets was the least fun I've ever had playing an RPG... ironically in one of the best games of this genre.

I've played my fair share of the Borderlands games, but Diablo I & II really took the cake for me with loot hunting. Sure, we got Cursed Gear purifying, but that's just a fraction of what is possible with all of the other items.

DrNick2008 posted...
Ugh. Multiplayer/PvP/Co-op ruins so many otherwise good games.

While I used to play a lot of PC multiplayer years ago, I just cannot stand it anymore. Split-screen is fun with the ones you love, but those anonymous matches are just teeth-grinding. :)

Ghost_of_Kirin posted...
Have a unique feature to save favorite vocational changes - maybe three in total. So that we can change vocations real quick with the optimal armor, weapons, skills and Augments of our choosing, already equipped. This would also allow the player to either update the changes of the armor, weapons, skills and augments that are compatible for the vocation one wishes to switch to, or to keep them as they are where applicable.

I like this idea. As much as they promote vocation switching, this would certainly ease things up. I've played a bit of Two Worlds II and I think there is some kind of outfit saving feature in that (kinda got frustrated with the menu system, so I could be wrong). And as much as I see pawns with half of their skills not equipped from switching vocations, this would be a life-saver.
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User Info: DatDarkOne

3 years ago#13
Give warriors either more speed, power, and/or skills. Ability to dye clothing and armor.

More areas and please don't add multiplayer. MP has become a fad like crutch of games too much lately. Give me a great single player experience and I could care less if MP even existed.
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User Info: Terbo_360

3 years ago#14
A deep skill tree. Obviously you'd only get to unlock and activate a handfull at a time. Not an original idea, but I think it'd improve the game.

Also true open world; no invisible boundaries. With today's tech there's no excuse not to.


An improved mob scaling methodology

Limit duping to perhaps quest items only, but open up item trading.

Keep the pawn renting (it's what makes DD what it is, otherwise you've got another MMO).
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3 years ago#15
I have to say I'd be against PvP and true multi-player also. One of my favorite games ever is Phantasy Star Online and it was probably the best social gaming experience I ever had until people started hacking and they found a way to player kill in a PvE only game.

I second the remembering of vocations and skills. I wondered why my pawn hadn't gotten any rents and it was because I forgot I changed her voc for like 10 minutes so she had zero spells as a sorcerer.
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User Info: Maiden_Deth

3 years ago#16
A more consistent pawn AI with the ability to lock in inclinations. Sometimes I am really surprised at how smart the pawn AI is (for example, a strider climbing onto an UR dragon and targeting its vitals), but many times frustrated by their lack of action. I don't know if it is just me, but the same inclination combinations don't always seem to yield the same results.

In other words, if my pawns always did what they were supposed to, I probably wouldn't have listed a multiplayer addition because I can really take it or leave it. In the numerous MMORPGs I have played, I solo the majority of the time. Although the 360 version of Diablo 3 is a really good example of multiplayer implemented right; the single player experience is beyond fantastic and multiplayer takes nothing away from it. Someone mentioned a local split screen option for Dragon's Dogma; that might be kind of cool. My wife and I recently did local coop in Diablo 3 from normal to inferno (never setting foot online), and it was one of the best gaming experiences I ever had.

By the way, being able to forge more than one duplicate at a time would be a welcome addition. :)
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User Info: coolfire1357

3 years ago#17
My suggestion would be to tame down the RNG system in BBI, or any dungeon like it in a new game. Endless farming is a bit ridiculous and non-gifting also. I can see why the developers didn't want to let players wholesale gift BBI items, but there were better ways they could have done that. Possibly allow gifting of de-cursed items only to levels above 99, or allow gifting of cursed items WITHOUT them changing for the recipient, so that you can gift certain items that you have 10 of and they can't get to save their lives. May still need some type of limit since having OP'd level 10s running around would be silly.

I second the idea of settable outfits, especially including augs and inclinations. Would make gr/ace a whole lot less frantic for everyone, especially if you have alts.

And, as I said in this type of thread before, I would still like to see an angel/demon class with wings, and also some type of beastmaster class to tame and ride creatures. Maybe use them in battle.

Two player multiplayer (2 arisen, 2 pawn) would be so much fun. Not into PvP though.
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User Info: meralonne

3 years ago#18
Dutch257 posted...
Play the vocation of your choice from the beginning and not having to switch vocations just for the stats. Simply choose a stat you want to increase when you level. Just old school RPG..... Want to be a MA? Be a MA and not a sorcerer for a zillion levels.


Taking it a step further, I'd be for eliminating classes entirely in favor of being able to equip whatever you want. Want to equip a longsword and daggers? Magic Bow and 1-H sword? Not possible under the current system. I'd prefer the ability to equip what you want and gain XP with the weapon as you use it.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, get rid of tying the best gear in the game to how popular your pawn is via RC. I've personally never had a problem, being blessed with more RC than I could ever possibly use thanks to the generosity of the players here, but I've lost count of how many FRs/PMs I've received on XBL begging me to rent their pawns.

I'd like to see the next game set in a more "high fantasy" type environment. It's pretty apparent (at least to me) that elves and dwarves were supposed to be in the mix but were cut for whatever reason. Hell, I'd take a "dark fantasy" world (example: Warhammer) as well... come to think of it, I'd like that even more! As is, it looks silly to me trying to make an Arisen look like an elf or dwarf, since there are no other elves or dwarves in Gransys. Frankly, any world that doesn't revolve around pseudo-Medieval Times. ;)

A more fleshed-out "love interest" system. Even Skyrim's system, bare-bones as it is, is better than the arbitrary system present in Dogma. And there's really no benefit to it other than sticking someone in your house that you can't sleep in. >_>

Magic bow attacks should not have an element forcibly tied to them. Why not have enchanting skill (similar to Mystic Knight) that temporarily sets an element to your attacks? How much more useful would Sixfold be if you weren't always stuck using an Ice attack? Or Explosive Rivets if you could make them "Dark" instead of them always being fire?

Swords need to be at least on-par with daggers when it comes to climbing attacks.

I'm sure I can think of more, but I'll leave it at that.
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User Info: robert43s

3 years ago#19
I want to keep the best bits of DD (pawns, combat etc...), but I want the skill versatility of elder scrolls. I should be able switch and choose whatever weapon I need, and I should not need to change skills.

Of course, that does make it more interesting, but it is a pain when I need to use a str based bow in order to destroy a metal golem.
GT: Rob ShadowHawk and DragonHunter720.
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User Info: HatchetHound

3 years ago#20
I agree with pretty much everything Mera said.

Though I think MA's should be able to change the elements of their arrows on the fly rather than with enchants. For example, the d-pad function changing when you're aiming. Left and right would cycle through the elements, resetting the charge of the spell when you did it, the default being regular ol' magic damage.

Also, I think double jump, dodge, and levitation shouldn't be tied to vocations/weapon types as much as they are. Or at all. Once you've unlocked it, you should be able to do it as any class. In addition, double jumping or levitating SHOULD reset your fall height/momentum. It does in appearance and it doesn't make much sense when I still fall on my face after stopping in mid-air.
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