Rent and Be Rented Redux #40

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User Info: DatDarkOne

3 years ago#1
Creating topic for Karathrax

Welcome to the Rent List, I am the List Keeper. This group is meant to help its members obtain RC, as rents are hard to come by.

YOU ARE LIMITED TO LISTING TWO GTS. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RENT AND RETURN TWO PAWNS FROM THE LIST EACH WEEK. The next week will end Friday, March 7, 2014. You may join at any time; I will be fair if you join close to the deadline.

The Rent List is updated in response to GAMEFAQS PMs that are sent to my attention. The Googledoc link is HERE:

Refresh it frequently, it changes as often as several times daily.


1. A posted Thank You is required in a specific format for each time you are rented. This is how I track rents for who is included on the list.

An example:

Thanks are due to:

Dorkmeister; 123,456 RC; 5/5/5*; Sour Ambrosial Meat

NOTE THE TWO SEMI-COLON SEPARATORS! Listing the rating, gift and a comment is optional, the first two fields are not. If you haven’t learned how to check information in your rentals, that’s ok… we’ll teach you how to do that. Just ask!

2. If you do not rent from the group, your name/GT will not show up in the Thank You posts.This is grounds for removal from the list. I will list the non-active GTs prior to doing so and give at least 24 hours notice via a topic post called “The Naughty List.” If sufficient thank-yous are posted in the following 24 hours, you’re all good.

The Naughty List is not to be construed as a Walk of Shame— the Naughty List is a courtesy warning, not necessarily impending doom. PM me with your concerns and we'll talk.

3. This is not the place to list your name and then never be heard from again. The group expects EVERYONE to be an active renter and post received thanks, too! Yes, the Rent Topic is a chatty one, you need not participate in the conversation. Posting your rent thanks is sufficient.

Rent whomever you like. There should be no need to pay RC for any pawn in the Rent Group, feel free to send someone a Friend Request. Unless the person’s list is full, I highly doubt it will be refused.

4. Update your pawn’s level group and vocation changes by sending me a GF PM, please. The list is better when it’s accurate!

5. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. We are all gamers here, and we all want our pawns to improve. If you have a suggestion for someone's pawn, make it. Recipients-- take advantage of the advice being offered, there are thousands of hours of experience available. Do not take it personally if you receive advice you weren't looking for, as advice is subjective. Do not take it personally if your advice is not taken, as advice is subjective.

Lastly, questions about the game/pawns/leveling are considered on topic.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for.
GT:DatDarkOne Pawn: Alita

User Info: Axel_Gunshin

3 years ago#2
Gamertag: I Tsunayoshi I - DDDA Pawn: Kisara
Alt Gamertag: DDDA Axel - DDDA Pawn: Junon

User Info: Karathrax

3 years ago#3
As I mentioned last topic, I am instituting a new rule.

New members: if your GT is not mentioned in a thanks-post by another player at least ONCE in your first week, as counted by your entry date on the spreadsheet, you will be quietly dropped from the group.

Thank you, DatDarkOne, I was asleep. :D

As before, send me a Gamefaqs PM if you want in, and once you aren, an update of changes is always very appreciated.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: The_Game_Savant

3 years ago#4
Hey axel what is the key there before and after your gamertag? Is it an i or L? Making a list of people to rent before I log off and cant' tell lol
GT: Tealeaf86

User Info: TheOrangeHand

3 years ago#5
Sweet game, pm has been sent, got my pawn rearing to go. Got her outfitted in the white hawk armor and currently set to fighter.
Gamertag = TheOrangeHand
DD:DA Mainpawn = Katrina

User Info: Axel_Gunshin

3 years ago#6
The_Game_Savant posted...
Hey axel what is the key there before and after your gamertag? Is it an i or L? Making a list of people to rent before I log off and cant' tell lol

Its an capitol i
Gamertag: I Tsunayoshi I - DDDA Pawn: Kisara
Alt Gamertag: DDDA Axel - DDDA Pawn: Junon

User Info: Sunesha

3 years ago#7
I like to have a mage on the team. I think it is just nice have anti-debuff after battle fill up. I usually have spring-water too. I think it is the micro-managing thing. A bit less menu joggling and smoother game-play. I have tried have no mage and those small debuffs is so damn irritating.

Also the whole process of just loading up for game. I just have, sobering wine, spring-water, panaca and large mushrooms. At the moment my Arisen is Strider so it is special arrows. I come to conclusion with golden bardisches, rusted weapons, the game is a trivial level.

I think matter of taste and play-style. I dont mind the loss of damage.
Also I never use pawn guardian and nexus. It is just my taste. I rather have level 100 on hard in BBI. Which is not unusual for me. Also fun to help people still actively leveling their pawns.
GT: Sunesha
Pawn: Simba v. 1.6.beta(uping stagger/knockdown) | Ranger lv. 200 | Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian | Framae Blades/Revenant Wail

User Info: rotdrachen

3 years ago#8
@Havoc, I did send you a Cyclops Fang, so that you would be able to upgrade the Bitter End that Jeager has equipped.

Val would like to thank

Otomo Tenzi X; 0 RC; 5/5/5*; Ember Crystal; Always a pleasure.
GRStateChamp66; 546,869 RC; 3/3/3*

Thanks for the rents and the gifts. It's appreciated.
GT:rotdrachen23 Pawn: Valencia

User Info: Zmuggernaut

3 years ago#9
Eva and I would like to thank:

DatDarkOne; 55,606 RC; 5/5/5*; Wyrmking's Ring
MiZ Dove; 171,350 RC; 5/5/5*; BBA3
GT: Smuggernaut -- Lvl 200 Ranger Challenger/Mitigator
GT: Smuggalicious -Lvl 114 Mage, Dominion's Claw, Utilitarian/Challenger

User Info: Havoc0013

3 years ago#10

Thanks for that :) also Val is still hanging out with us in BBI.
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