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User Info: dm217

3 years ago#11
Soren and Victoria climb a Poisoned Undead while Vixen readies a Bolide spell:
GT: PurpleDragon217
Pawn: Victoria - Strider, Level 200 - Scather/Challenger

User Info: wildwooper

3 years ago#12
Nice shots, everyone!

@DDO: That great gamble pic makes me want to put it on Rolf, noob ranger though he is. >:D
GT: WaxierOlive0 (Soren, Strider, 200)
Alt: anonaxolotl (Rolf, Ranger, <100)

User Info: MiZDove

3 years ago#13
ohhhh... a place to post some of my shots -- dangerous. :D

Draken, Vixen, Crazy Horse and Maedin
Now what? You guys wanna go get something to eat or something?

Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok

Mean Girls
Gabby, Lagertha and Medusa

On the Warpath

Mieu, Lagertha in Action

Juggler, give me my dagger back

Looking for trouble
Draken, Crazy Horse, Allie and Maedin -
GT: MiZ Dove, Pawn: Crazy Horse, GT: MiZ Dove II, Pawn: Lagertha
Maybe you should put on some pants if you want to keep fighting evil today

User Info: DeathShinigami

3 years ago#14
Cool to see my pawn in some pictures with other people. :P Anyway, Meryl is no longer Meryl, she is now Clare. She is based on the Clare from the anime Claymore. Got the face and all down, but armor and weapon are going to be a problem. The Lifetaker looks most like her sword, but it's weak. :/

Clare (Pawn):

Clare (Anime):
"Si vis pacem, para bellum."
GT: TheForsakenEvil | Pawn: Clare (Warrior 100<)

User Info: Karathrax

3 years ago#15
I made it to the front page of the Gran Soren Times! XD
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
Twitch: Karathrax

User Info: DatDarkOne

3 years ago#16
Congratz Kara!!

@Wild--I got really lucky with that shot. :D
It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for.
GT:DatDarkOne Alt: WraithWings Alt: CujoGojiro

User Info: wildwooper

3 years ago#17
Need more screenshots!


Felix puts that eye out

An opening!
GT: WaxierOlive0 (Soren, Strider, 200)
Alt: anonaxolotl (Rolf, Ranger, <100)

User Info: DanOverboard

3 years ago#18
Woop, woop!
GTs: DanOnFire, DanOnFireToo
Dragon's Dogma Pawns Illustrated:

User Info: wildwooper

3 years ago#19
Hey, that's my line!
GT: WaxierOlive0 (Soren, Strider, 200)
Alt: anonaxolotl (Rolf, Ranger, <100)

User Info: coolfire1357

3 years ago#20
The fighter brigade!

Merlyn, Gorgoron and Hokino, all fighters. Someone mentioned that caster pawns make good fighters so I decided to test out that theory on pawns who were raised as mages/sorcerers. So far we have not wandered much farther than Ur, but we are about to.

It starts!

Arlanna and Hokino:

Hokino and Merlyn contemplate their fate:

The team:

Gorgoron's not too sure about this:

So, we go do an Ur round just for me to see what happens. Gorgoron and Hokino simultaneously Blink/Burst Strike while Merlyn blocks (he seemed to do that way to much):

Gorgoron gets off another Strike:

Victory! Calm down everyone.

Just another frivolous day at the beach for the fighter group:

Merlyn and Gorgoron cross paths:

And their first Ur kill. Merlyn was temporarily a strider again, but G was up there FMSing away the whole time:

Alrighty then! I'll post more as we go more places and I observe more. I don't have much experience with fighters, but they do a lot of running around shield up. Do most people take off their shields? Last time I rented Kurgan I did because he also was just shielding constantly.
GT: iamsiamesifuplz, PSN: iamsiameseifupls
I set fire to the rain...
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