Rent And Be Rented Redux #51

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User Info: DanOverboard

3 years ago#71
jlfish82 posted...
Those *are* cute pics with Possum and Wednesday. And no, don't change Possum! :)

Seconded. It's nice to see some of the pawns that I never got the chance to rent when I played often. :)
GTs: DanOnFire, DanOnFireToo
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User Info: PoptartJuniper

3 years ago#72
Perrin thanks,

PurpleDragon217; 298,954; vile wakestone; 5*; You've been raised well!

Blue cresh; 432,564; BBN3; 5*; Employed Skills Masterfully.

Glad to hear he did well for you! Thank you for the rents and kind comments!

I released Possum and Alita. We had fun terrorizing Daimon and Death. Released Blackfrost Wolf's pawn too. Was one other I released but my notebook is MIA.

@Darthpat Possum is the little one. She's in the 120 or 130s I think. I know I just released her but it's late for me and I don't remember!
GT/PSN: PoptartJuniper | DD:DA Pawns Devon/Perrin | Stormageddon |
Alt GT: Grumpy Slug43 | DD:DA Pawn Milah |

User Info: wildwooper

3 years ago#73
Many thanks from Soren:

AndreasStalin71; 15,210 rc; 5*; select herb ale; is adorable beyond words (I mean, I think so...)
PurpleDragon217; 47,809 rc; 5*; liquid vim x2; always a pleasure (still got Vic!)
o AndreasStalin; 15,210 rc; 5*; sour ambrosial meat; tis an honor (double shifts?)

And Rolf:

The Teaza; 33,201 rc; 5*; ferrystone; all the best to you
BoatsNh0es45; 55,453 rc; 5*; it's been a pleasure
FunkNflex; 79,326 rc; foe knowledge
H8TEONDEZ 253; 174,069 rc; 5*; wyrmking's ring; it has been a pleasure

Thanks, all! Haven't been on all weekend, so I haven't released anyone just yet. Looking forward to actually being home this week (what!) and returning some of your generous rents! Soren especially thanks AndreasStalin and dm217 for letting him get his purple blood on while his arisen has been busy missing kills. :D
GT: WaxierOlive0 (Soren, Strider, 200)
Alt: anonaxolotl (Rolf, Ranger, <100)

User Info: Fennel-27

3 years ago#74
Just released Zelda to gift someone a grimoire. I'll pick her back up tonight or tomorrow; Tuesday morning I'll release Wolf and Zelda. Then I think I'll take Ansel and Vixen with me to fight the Ur-Dragon offline and try for Darkening Storm again in BBI.
GT: XxPlezfictionxX - Pawn: Rue ; Level 70 Strider; Scather/Utilitarian/Pioneer
Feel free to PM me if you need any materials, ferrystones or WK rings. =)

User Info: LIghtFlyright

3 years ago#75
@Fennel I just released Rue because I realized that my whole party had zero magick attack, so I needed to hire a sorc for a bit. I'll rent her again tomorrow.
The truth is the truth with or without consent.
GT: ImmortalOrifice, Alt: TheFornificator

User Info: Jimmy_Weasel

3 years ago#76
Well, with Wednesday as a tutor, Possum's rise to epic fearsomeness will only crawl along at best. Just don't tell her that.

However, I recall that perhaps her most intimidating phase was largely to blame on Miu's and Victoria's terrible influence. See, when Ophis held her most recent bandit tryouts, Possum somehow persuaded those two nefarious cads to try out. Irresponsibly, Vicki & Miu manipulated Possum's innocent nature by agreeing to do it!

I suppose that Rhoa, my Arisen--an elf of admittedly low character--provided little resistance herself. But at least she managed to record much of the journey and the bizarre events that sprang from the ill-fated expedition. Check out the album below (read the captions to help make sense of the chaos).

For dm217 & AndreasStalin, for all their many many hires and kindness.
And for whoever else may enjoy it (hopefully someone!)...

Bandit Tryouts:

(I apologize if the album loads slowly or anything. I'm quite new to imagur.--Testing it out for other projects, so let me know how it goes)
GT: Jimmy Weasel
Pawn: Possum (Mage) - Utilitarian / Challenger / Medicant

User Info: dm217

3 years ago#77
Okay, I just released Ciel and Alina. I had to cut our BBI run short, but we had some good luck while we were going, so I sent each home with one of the goodies we found. I think they may have gained some beast knowledge as well. RC's will be lower than I wanted; my Blessed Flower wilted at some point, not sure when. I wish I had more time for a longer run, but can't right now....

@Jimmy - don't change Possum! Her unassuming look lulls enemies while Victoria sets up the strike. We love Possum!

@wildwooper - Glad to hear you have some home time soon. I just wrapped a long weekend, the next two days are heavy work, then more time off... so we will see Soren later this week. He is like a Professor of Striderology for Vic to study with. Advanced Daggering 101... haha.
GT: PurpleDragon217
Pawn: Victoria - Strider, Level 200 - Scather/Challenger

User Info: dm217

3 years ago#78
@Jimmy - love the album! Vic and Miu are old friends too, so that looks like it was a smooth moving stealth outfit. I like your Arisen, too. Awesome, thanks!
GT: PurpleDragon217
Pawn: Victoria - Strider, Level 200 - Scather/Challenger

User Info: LIghtFlyright

3 years ago#79
Thanks to

xxPlezFictionxx; 27k RC; 5/5/5; Wakestone; Gransys Area Knowledge; I'd have your pawn again
The truth is the truth with or without consent.
GT: ImmortalOrifice, Alt: TheFornificator

User Info: Caldaen

3 years ago#80
Tanks to:
xX Horris Xx; 292,431 RC; 3x5*; Sour Ambosial Meat!; You've been raised well.

Just released Freya. I took her on a Daimon run and since she said she learned the area, I sent her back with a Claw as a souvenir. I'd keep an eye on her, she was kissing Death, all up in his grill. No worries, he was knocked down at the time, but it sure was a sight to see flashing her daggers on him.
Xbox GT: SaturatedMax Pawn: Andyse--Alt: BarrelHornet3 Pawn: Ansel
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