Harpies can put you in a cage!

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User Info: Orianna_

3 years ago#21
jlfish82 posted...
"There, master, harpies! Harpies can put you in a cage!!"

*Pawn jumps in cage*
GT: Alfman1 Pawn: Soraka. Level 200 Mage/Sorc (Util/Chal/Miti/Scather/Medi)
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User Info: DanOverboard

3 years ago#22
Despite all their rage...
GTs: DanOnFire, DanOnFireToo
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User Info: Jellybeantastic

3 years ago#23
"I'll have nightmares after that one..."

just fought a small goblin pack that we've been fighting since level 1

User Info: starlitegirl

3 years ago#24
"I don't care to meet whatever left those giant footprints one the ground."

*dead ogre lies next to giant footprints*


"I hear water. Be careful. Sea monsters prowl the seashore."

*JUST left river where pawn killed saurians*


"Look! A cave!"

*Just left soulflayer canyon*

User Info: starlitegirl

3 years ago#25
Disoriented pawns - long after we cleared Fort Shadow of goblins and are currently looking for badges

"Here's the control, but where's the lever" (Um, in the control.... look closer, really!)

"We could use the ballista" (sure, why not. Let's shoot our own men.)

User Info: closetblonde

3 years ago#26
My personal favourite from Alita whenever we're hunting Direwolves:

'A white wolf! 'Twill be red soon enough!'

It's hilarious hearing cute little ALita (and sometimes little Reimi) shrieking that. She and Reimi are so bloodthirsty XD

SOmetimes Reimi can be a bit dumb....

Arisen opens chest

Reimi: Look, master, treasure!

Arisen: Uhhhhh..I know. I'm taking it.

User Info: DatDarkOne

3 years ago#27
closetblonde posted...
'A white wolf! 'Twill be red soon enough!'

First I heard her say that I couldn't stop laughing.
It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for. http://imgur.com/Wbj4sJI
GT:DatDarkOne Alt: WraithWings Alt: CujoGojiro

User Info: Beefstak

3 years ago#28
"The wood grows thicker

Come master"

uhh.. I'm good over here
TimeShinigami posted...Boba is too polite to be a dude.
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User Info: Mick65

3 years ago#29
DanOverboard posted...
Despite all their rage...

It took me a while, but now I can't get that song out of my head.
GT: cmStone

User Info: starlitegirl

3 years ago#30
Sometimes, it seems like they are nagging you. I was headed to someplace specific and it was the path from cassardis to gran soren. I went off the path, I think to get a badge in water god's altar and they nag that it isn't the path to gran sore. ugh.....

Or the witch quest to help selene must have been highlighted but obviously she's fine so I decided to do something else before getting to hers and they nag that we have to get to her right away to ensure her safety. And I'm thinking 'she's safe. she can only die when I kill her, and even then she comes back.... argggghhhh!'

Pesky these paws are.
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