Best and worst pawn class and AI in your opinion?

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User Info: kenlee25

5 years ago#1
What do you guys think makes the best pawns?

Personally I find warriors not to do so well, as they generally miss at lot with their strikes and the AI is incapable of timing things correctly. and mage pawns with anything but medicant, nexus, or utilitarian usually don't play out all that great with me.

For the best, I say sorcerer and fighter hands down.

User Info: xenmind

5 years ago#2
I've been having really good luck with striders. Sorc is hit or miss depending on the load out. Rangers are almost always terrible.
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User Info: Iostars

5 years ago#3
I personally don't like Warrior pawns. When I set my main pawn to that vocation, he used that slow-ass vertical cleave attack almost constantly, which missed the enemy about 80% of the time. And I'm not too fond of charging attacks, either, so I always set him as a fighter now.

I think warriors & fighters need proper inclinations to be effective. My fighter pawn used to be a Guardian/Nexus, and he pulled his weight quite well in combat. But in late game he seemed to be getting less effective and too clingy to me, at times even ignoring outright the chimera 5 meters away from him. I experimented a bit and currently I find him quite effective as Utilitarian/Mitigator, although at the expense that he often ignores the KO-ed support pawns near him who needed his aid.
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User Info: Amniculus

5 years ago#4
Agreed on fighter/warrior pawn AIs suck. For me, they also seem to die the quickest and most consecutively. My favorites are the mages and sorcerers if they have the right skills.
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User Info: LordBleckZ

5 years ago#5
Strangely i have had tons of luck with my warrior pawn. She never dies and is always in the fray being useful. Also seems to like detonating my explosive bolts

User Info: SilentGamerGuy

5 years ago#6
My vocation of choice for pawns has been Fighters and the occasional Strider. Warriors are good, but only for fighting Cyclopes and other big slow moving creatures.

I can not stand Mage or Sorc pawns, other than my own of course, because she's trained to only cast buffs and heal when needed, and she's been doing a pretty good job at that. I just wish I wouldn't have upgraded Anodyne to High Anodyne.
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User Info: nathanmaxtro

5 years ago#7
When my main pawn was a warrior, with Scather/Challenger, her AI was terrible and all she did was randomly run around and try to avoid enemies. Every once in a while she'd try to do a jump attack. Needless to say she was horrible. Frankly I think her AI as a warrior was just bugged.

As a fighter she performed very well. In a previous playthrough I had her as a Ranger and she was fine as long as daggers weren't equiped. Sadly she kept wanting to climb the big monsters instead of just shooting them with her bow, so I put her daggers back on so she can do some damage.

I also had her as support only Mage. She knew when to buff and decurse etc. Healing AI is bugged as everybody knows, the pawn only does the long cast heal no matter how much damage you have.

User Info: HopesPeak

5 years ago#8
Warriors suck big time because they're so slow. It's a shame because they have such badass weapons that they can't hit jack with.
The only decent warriors are the ones that are geared for tanking and only use counter attacks. They

Fighter pawns are awesome. Or at least your main pawn is as long as you keep their move list low. (I only equip three sword abilities & one or two shield.)
Fighters are wrecking machines so long as you just give them shield assault, the vocation 9 sword crowd clearing attacks, the Dante move, the impale and the shield taunt.
They'll always be killing something due to the taunts or the dash attacks.

Strider pawns are consistently the best and I only keep a ranger around for the same reason that I have a warrior. They have badass weapons. I never bothered with a Sorcerer pawn but playing as a Sorcerer is one of the best classes.
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User Info: cornbreadtm

5 years ago#9
Mages are idiots.
"Yeah cast right there buddy."
"Right under that cyclopes club."
You honestly can't fix the stupidity of a mage since they always want to put an enchantment on you. But never when you actually need it since by then they're already dead by then.

Sorcerers are okay if they don't have enchantments on since they don't try to random cast and focus on the enemies position in relation to theirs.

Don't give Warriors focus skills and they're baus.

My main pawn is a fighter and she just kills and hold hate and not much else. She's Scather. So I don't know about the bad ones.

I only hire 2 different Rangers which are really good so I don't see any of the bad ones.

Strider is probably the best Ai but I never see any in the 99~ search.
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