Best mage skill set?

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User Info: Daybreaker20

5 years ago#1
I was wondering what do you think are the best skills to use for the Mage class. My main pawn is a Mage and I'm using him as a healer, so I have the high heal and high cure spells. But any other spells/skills all seem middle of the road to me. Is there any other offensive or defensive skills that you feel are utterly important in order to have a successful Mage?

User Info: zegram33

5 years ago#2
immobilising guys is very useful, and its the mages only (iirc) unique spell
holy enchants are pretty good too

User Info: sinvalentines

5 years ago#3
You would prob want high fire spell
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User Info: z827

5 years ago#4
Depends on your type , really - personally , I equip my Pawn ( When she's a Mage ) with High Frigor , High Ingle , High Levin , High Spellscreen , High Halidom and High Anodyne.

Try to equip them with appropriate spells - High Levin is a lot more useful than even Fulmination from the Sorcerer skill tree IMO since it takes ages to use and drains up plenty of Stamina and Frigor is useful for busting flying foes out of the skies.

Since the Pawn is very likely to use some overpowered spell on even the weakest of foes , it's wise to equip them with some "weak" spells to make sure they behave... appropriately.

Naturally , some players would prefer a more supportive skill set by including the Affinity spells.

User Info: z827

5 years ago#5
Oh snap , I mean Ingle - not Frigor.

User Info: Ace_43

5 years ago#6
3 must haves. High Anodyne, High Halidom, spell screen (I think it's called spell screen) I also suggest a Holy affinity, but that's best for post game, fire affinity works good too, but NEVER use that post game, cuz the hellhounds are resistant to fire, and will F*** you up. I take down armored cyclops and ogres like a fresh baked pie, but hellhounds still blasts me with fire, drag me away, and chew on my arm XD.

User Info: doujinftw

5 years ago#7
After going through a few thread on this board I find that lots of people don't like stunting Cyclopes since they want all his rusted armor from removing his helmet( no idea why they need that for) so don't equip ur Mage with thunder skill.

User Info: ATTACK__CAT

5 years ago#8
high comsation is also great.

people do go 'pure utility' mage but tbh they are terrible. anything above 2 elemental buffs is a super waste as they wont recast it until one wears off, even if the enemy your now fighting resists your current element.

grapnel is awesome against some enemies but doesnt effect alot of the big mobs. tough choice.

high comsation, high levin, high frazil....high anodyne, high halidom, holy enchant.

sounds good to me. you could drop levin post game but low level it stunlocks cyclops.

probably replace it with the defence buff i forget the name of or grapnel.
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User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#9
Early game, or late game?

In the early game, High Ingle and High Levin are work horse spells. Ingle is fast and many things are weak to fire. Levin works well against the larger foes like Cyclopes, Ogres or Chimeras. Giving them the fire element staff is helpful too, named Crimson something-or-other IIRC, as a ton of early game enemies are weak to fire.

(High) Anodyne for healing and High Halidom(sp?) for status ailment cures are helpful, and lets you sell off or store all the curatives for status ailments. That leaves 2 more slots for spells to suit your tastes. Fire Affinity, Spellscreen and Grapnel are probably safe choices to choose between. *shrug*

As another poster said, Pawns love to charge up spells to make attacks, even if those spells take ages to cast. That's why I like the quick and cheap work horse spells.

Someone suggested using Frigor against flying enemies, but I find that spell takes up way too much stamina in the High form, while the regular form has a delay after casting before the spike appears. It is much better, IMO, to use High Ingle as catching the wings of flying enemies on fire will make them drop to the ground: I'm staring at you, Snow Harpies.
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User Info: eugene1222

5 years ago#10
High comestion
High levin
Holy affinity

Ice affinity

Thats about all you need really, the last 2 you can fill with whatever you feel like. If you have the charged shots, with holy affinity you can slaughter ur dragon, and ice affinity you can slaughter drakes. Comestion and levin is for dealing with other stuff (for me, 1 comestion kills chimeras, griffins, and other bosses weak to fire, and 1 high levin kills stuff weak to thunder like golems or ogres)
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