Best Assassin build?

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User Info: Semnador

5 years ago#1
This is for min-maxing purposes and the best overall build.

I've heard two versions of this and I'm interested in which one is optimal.

Version 1 is fighter into warrior for the strength augments then assassin from then on for maximum strength.

version 2 is fighter into warrior for augments, then mage into sorcerer for magic defense and magic attack to boost magic weapons then assassin.

I know in the long run it makes little difference as by 100 you're owning most everything anyways , but indulge my curiosity with your opinions.
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User Info: Fist_of_Suns

5 years ago#2
I was under the impression that it was fighter till 10 then only lvl as assassin while getting the augments from fighter and warrior in between lvls.
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User Info: ProjectENIS

5 years ago#3
Forget about defence, HP is more important, so the sorc path is worthless, at level 200, you'll have more HP than you know what to do with, so survival in general is worthless.

If you go fighter > assassin, and level as assassin all the way, you'll get the most strength, BUT you will not have much magic, so switching later on may be difficult.
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User Info: matoda

5 years ago#5
tln posted...
1) Fighter to level 10 and then Assassin to level 200.
2) Mage to level 10 and Sorcerer to level 200.

The first one is more balanced and and will allow you to do very nice damage with bows without having to have a Mage or Sorcerer with you to cast affinity spells. The second one might be better against Ur-Dragon (not tested AFAIK).


to be bluntly honest, i think the 'best assassin build' is only applicable if you're setting up to fight Ur Dragon online. that in itself is a big love/hate thing.

it's basically maxing out your STR or MAG

at some point you get the augments for maxing out damage which include bloodlust and autonomy [both assassin augments], and either clout, vehemence, exhiliration, and proficiency for a str build, or attunement, acuity, equanimity, and proficiency for a mag build

again, this is somewhat painstakingly strict and should only be done if you're really OCD about it. not worth it for a casual play.

IF you so happen to plan to do that, i can outline a guide to help out, but it involves lots of hours of mindless grinding :D
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User Info: BakaNoOtoko

5 years ago#6
I did or tried
1-10 Strider
11-100 Assassin for the OP STR gains
111-200 Sorc for the Magic

there was a point when i accidentally leveld sin from 111-200 and i leveled sorc from 11-100 LOL

but my final stats.
5k+ str and 4.9k magic w/ Heavens Key on critical health with autonomy, equanimity, clout, exhilaration, bloodlust and acuity
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User Info: novadove

5 years ago#7
Best build:
1-10 fighter
10-196 assassin.
Between lvl up vocation warrior, Sorc, Mage for augments
Use invisibility forego defence and magic def.
Use full strength equip
Df keys fey
End game attack vs magic ratio 1 : 0.7
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