A theory about save corruption.

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User Info: Creidz

5 years ago#1
So hear me out guys, as said in the title this is just a theory. Everything is based on experience as I have no means of confirming this through a technical standpoint.

So basically I experienced my first save file corruption last night. I usually backup my save on another account so I didn't lose much, maybe around 1-2 hours of play time. My last save was around the Miasmic Haunt as I was completing the map and exploring every nook and cranny until I got ambushed by a Wight, it was my first encounter so I did what I usually do with first encounters, take a crap ton of screen shots of the battle. After a while I got a message saying "Unable to save screen capture." So I tried exiting in and out of the pause menu a few times and it still won't save my screenies. Finally I decided to just reload my save thinking it would fix the issue. The main screen popped up for a few seconds and then it went to a black screen. I waited for around 15 minutes but nothing was happening. I had no choice but to reset the console though I did check if the HDD lights were blinking in fear that I might corrupt my save. So I booted up the game again and lo and behold "Save data corrupted."

So the theory, screen shot data is constantly written on either your save file or your game file, do note data, not the screen shot itself that goes to your hard drive. You'll mostly notice this if you've used the Pawn Community feature as each screen grab you take has a record of your pawn's current stats at the time of the screen shot. It doesn't pull your pawn's stats from your most current save. So for example you upload a screen shot to the Pawn Community and that screenie is from 5 days ago, the pawn information uploaded to the server will be your pawns stats and skills from 5 days ago.

When my save data got corrupted I was at around 220 screen shots, now if the game keeps data on all 220 of those then it becomes the most likely culprit with save corruption.

Any opinions on this? Or if anyone can explain if this is technically plausible? Did you also have a ton of screen shots when you lost your save? I'd really like to hear from you guys.

Thanks and see you in Gransys.

User Info: tomo012

5 years ago#2
brb backing up my save.

User Info: darkshadowmaster

5 years ago#3
I never took one screen shoot on the save that got corrupted
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User Info: jcris87

5 years ago#4
1000hrs in, havent turned my system off since release, literally its always on, in dragons dogma 90% of this time, havent had a single corrupt save.
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User Info: yewyewyew

5 years ago#5
i believe you get a corrupt file if you turn your system off while it is saving
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User Info: john_legspi

5 years ago#6
I got that and this is what i did, i press the PS home button and i quit the game and reload the game and i still got my save file

hope it works for you guys :)

User Info: Ronge

5 years ago#7
I like to yank the cord from the wall while the game is saving. Is that why my saves keep getting corrupted?
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User Info: DoomofMandos

5 years ago#8
I honestly think that when I purchased the demon armor DLC it missed up my file i lost about 100 hours a lvl 90 sin and all my DF'd gear, it was weird my game would go to the loading screen with the dragons dogma in the lower right corner and freeze up right when it should load.
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User Info: psnshade71

5 years ago#9
Ronge posted...
I like to yank the cord from the wall while the game is saving. Is that why my saves keep getting corrupted?

No that couldnt be it.......wait what????
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User Info: Creidz

5 years ago#10
Thanks for the reply guys. It seems there are a lot of factors with save corruption on this game, it probably just boils down to the limitation they set with having just one save file for everything.

It really sucks to lose a ton of play time because of this. A friend of mine actually stopped playing when his save got corrupted after a power outage. I actually started backing up my save because of what happened to him.

Hope it doesn't happen to anyone else coz this game is too fun to play and the community is quite nice.

Some helpful tips I've gathered from people who experienced this:

1. Back up your saves regularly, either to a different account, cloud sync or a flash drive.
2. Before purchasing new DLC back up your save, if the DLC corrupts your save data, delete the Dragon's Dogma game data and copy your working save over.
3. Try to keep your screen shots below 150 to 200, copy them over to a flash drive if you want. Also never turn off the console when your screen shots are saving as it seems to write data into your save/game file as well.
4. If you get an "Unable to save screen capture" message when taking screen shots don't quit to the main title screen, you'll be greeted by a black screen. Just quit the game through the PS menu and load the game like normal. (thanks john_legspi for this tip.)
5. I've also heard that the game freezes when a certain amount of pawns have been hired I think around 125-150 pawns, though I think this is quite an isolated case. If you're near that magic number make sure you have a back up handy.
6. Choosing the "Save and quit to menu" option will sometimes lead to a black screen, though like the entry above this seems to be an isolated case as well. Just choose "Save and continue" then quit the game after a few seconds.
7. Never turn off the console when you're saving, also be sure to look at the HDD access indicator lights of the console as sometimes the game will look like it's done saving but the HDD lights will still be blinking.

Thanks and cheers everyone!
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